Rona Ambrose and Motion 312


In the immediate aftermath of Motion 312’s defeat, the most scrutinized vote seems to belong to Rona Ambrose, the minister responsible for the status of women.


Rona Ambrose and Motion 312

  1. I have long had this feeling God is playing multiple jokes on me and one of them is making me a Canadian in 21st century where I am surrounded by sociopaths and narcissists who are keen to murder their children. Well done, Ms Ambrose. It is about time a Min of Status of Women stood up for millions of women killed by their murderous mothers.

    NY Times ~ 160 Million and Counting:

    In 1990, the economist Amartya Sen published an essay in The New York Review of Books with a bombshell title: “More Than 100 Million Women Are Missing.”

    The essay did not mention abortion.

    Twenty years later, the number of “missing” women has risen to more than 160 million, and a journalist named Mara Hvistendahl has given us a much more complete picture of what’s happened. Her book is called “Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men.” As the title suggests, Hvistendahl argues that most of the missing females weren’t victims of neglect. They were selected out of existence, by ultrasound technology and second-trimester abortion.

    • Tony sez: “I have long had this feeling God is playing multiple jokes on me and one of them is making me a Canadian in 21st century where I am surrounded by sociopaths and narcissists who are keen to murder their children.

      God may be playing a joke on you, but he gave you free will and the good fortune to be born in a country you are permitted to leave. If Canada makes you uncomfortable, avail yourself of the opportunity to leave it for a country more suited to your needs. I’ll refrain from making any suggestions as to your best options.

      • Wow, you’ve got a load of arrogance. I’d prefer to see you leave along with the rest of the cave dwellers. It’s one thing to have a debate, but it takes a true low-life like you to say that only one view is acceptable in this country, especially for such a contentious issue. Your view is not even a view that has been acceptable for most of this country’s history! Twits like you that have total disregard for democracy, free speech and unborn human life don’t have the right to tell other people to stay or go.

        • Tony: “I am surrounded by sociopaths and narcissists who are keen to murder their children.”

          scf: “cave dwellers… low-life… twits…”

          Yes, please lecture us on how to hold a balanced debate, respect democracy and tell other people what to do.

        • Along with my load of arrogance, I have half a load of literacy. It was Tony Adams who was blaming his god for birthing him into the wrong society. I was just pointing out that he still has the freedom to chose another society more to his liking. If you think that is too insulting then we’ll have to agree to disagree; I think it is exactly insulting enough.
          It is, btw, far less insulting then what he wrote, or what you wrote for that matter. It’s a good thing I don’t have thin skin, I’m beginning to think you want to insult me.

          • “…….Along with my load of arrogance, I have half a load of literacy…..”

            Funny guy!
            Funnier still had you rendered it in a Cockney dialect.
            To wit:
            “I ‘ave ‘arf a load o’ li’eracy”
            Never you mind the great unlettered and innumerate you should find ’round these parts; they mean well.
            Be like me! I unhitched the jet-engine of my intellect from the ox-cart of my ego long ago.

            Your non-capitalisation of the ‘g’ in ‘god’ did not go unnoticed by the way.

          • Fair enough, I can see how Tony’s comment can be interpreted in the same way as I interpreted yours. For that reason I can see now that I over-reacted. I retract my comment to you.

      • I won’t refrain!
        May I suggest the country of, formerly known as Burma when under the jack-boot of the horrid Brits, Myanmar?

    • I think the joke is on the rest of us that people like you exist in 21st century Canada.

      • Frankly, I don’t think you’d understand a joke if you saw one. You also fail to understand is a coherent argument.

  2. These people furious at Ambrose are perhaps unaware that women are more than just “creatures who can get abortions” right?

    Meanwhile, are they trying to tell us that if a full Parliamentary inquiry as to the status of human beings WAS held, and the scientific evidence presented and scrutinized and evaluated, that Parliament would have NO choice but to acknowledge that human life doesn’t begin when a fetus travels a few centimetres through space, but indeed at a much earlier time when electrical and chemical processes create an entirely new self contained organism with hiterto unseen DNA? What other explanation is there for their freaking out that the Minister for the Status of Women might be interested in Parliament investigating the status of…well, women?

    And then they accuse the Conservatives of being “anti-science”? It is to laugh.

    • No, it is to cry.

  3. I’m surprised people are surprised….
    Why in the world is this such an “important” issue? If you don’t like abortions then don’t get one, if you want to be able to get abortions stop being a cheerleader about it.
    Abortions suck, but them being banned would be far, far worse.

    • That’s a good question: why in 2012 is this an issue at all? Why was it reopened, with support of many cabinet ministers, when the PM clearly said on the election trail it would not be reopened? Nobody thinks abortions are a great thing, and I don’t imagine any woman undertakes one lightly; I am shocked that so many women don’t understand how important choice over one’s own body is.

      • I don’t know why the conservatives don’t move to have birth control available to all at no cost and support education programs such as those provided by planned parenthood as a practical means of reducing abortions?

        Actually I do know why.

        • Mr. Ellis, “T.O.P.”, Termination of Pregnancy, is a method of birth control that is available to all at no cost already.

        • Planned parenthood has a business agenda to increase the number of abortions through weak condoms and birth control pills. Check the Blood Money documentary for planned parenhood’s real agenda.

          • As @Aquarians Love To Fook points out (knowing that I refer to other forms of birth control) there is no money to be made by Planned Parenthood through abortion procedures in Canada. Abortions are covered under Canada’s equitable health care.
            So Charles Anne your assertion is silly especially in Canada.

  4. I don’t happen to agree with Ms. Ambrose at all and it’s truly dismaying that the Minister in charge of Status of Women would vote this way. Is she reflecting the views of her consituency? maybe. Is this the policy that leads the staus of Women? yes, and it’s of little surprise when you look at her track record. I have to wonder why people didn’t balk when she was appointed? or when she was elected? Nontheless, this was a private members bill and as such, members are free to vote as they choose….whipping the vote one way or another is just plain wrong no matter what side of the fence you sit on. This is democracy and sometimes that means you don’t get your way (fortunately the vote turned out the way I wanted….but if it didn’t, it’s no less democratic and signifys that women’s issues need to be advocated for a bit more heavily to change minds)

    • I have a hunch that harper would prefer to have a man as minister of status for women, or no such portfolio at all. Which is pretty much what we have when a woman minister is against the women’s rights over their own bodies.

  5. I Can not believe that Rona Ambrose the one that is to be the voice for woman’s rights, voted against a woman’s right to choose, she should resign immediately.

    • Rona Ambrose is concerned with sex-selected abortions of female fetuses that is happening in Canada today within some cultures. Looking at parts of the world where this has been a reality for a generation and seeing the effect of men with much fewer women, this is a valid concern.

  6. I thought Coyne raised an interesting question about this. Are those criticizing Ambrose essentially saying that the millions of women who are pro-life aren’t women?

    • They’re saying they’re women who are not standing up for the rights of women. Like when gay marriage was even more of an issue the right wing press found a few gay people to say things like “we really feel we’re equal anyway as long as we get the same rights on paper, etc. and we really don’t need all this divisive stuff and it’s counterproductive”.

  7. I am so happy that the contemplation of conception is happening. It is better to discuss than to leave perspectives in the dark. I was on the surviving side of an abortion procedure 12 years ago, and I feel like the laws weren’t interested in protecting me or supportive in the aftermath. I welcome bringing life into the light, looking at it, measuring the effects of abortion on the economy in addition to measuring the physical and mental effects it has on women, families, and relationships. We are building up the courage to look at abortion. It isn’t pleasant, even if you are pro-choice. If you’re pro-life, or aniti-abortion, abortion is deadly.
    Andrew Coyne began really opening a can of worms with his few sentences of quickly spoken facts about Canada being behind the rest of the industrialized world in having regulations around abortion, the question of whether pro-lifers and pro-choicers really are so divided if we haven’t collectively looked at the topic in 20 years, the un-Canadianness of not looking at an issue and the fact that in Canada today abortion is so taboo that it’s unpopular to even say the word.
    I believe pro-lifers and pro-choicers or anti-abortionists and pro-abortionists have some common ground. Most Canadians I would expect to preserve the fetus if it could life outside the womb or was viable. Why not draw a line here? There are so many couples and singles who yearn and long for children they cannot physically conceive. Why are we stopping life through abortion and trying to create life technologically through invitro-fertilization and other fertility technologies?
    Preserving human life just seems to make sense. I know an adoption process, as filled with flaws and as far from ideal as adoption can be, would have been preferable to the reality of the abortion procedure I was the survivor of. There is a vulnerabilty of a pregnant person that needs to be protected, ideally by her partner, but if not, then by her laws and her society. If a person is going to experience deep grief from abortion, we need to care for that person, and yes, even look at the rampant reality of abortion in our culture and perhaps begin to care for the hurt caused by this common unnessesary medical prodedure, 1 in 3 pregnancies in Canada aborted.
    I sit a little taller perceiving that Rona Ambrose is looking out for me.

  8. Kudos to Ms.Ambrose for having the courage to stand up for all the young girls who can’t stand up for themselves.