Seven days in 11 posts


Thursday, Nov. 27. The Commons: Gaming the system
Friday, Nov. 28. Today in Parliament
Friday, Nov. 28. The Commons: ‘Sir, did you make a mistake?’
Monday, Dec. 1. The Commons: ‘Unbelievable’
Tuesday, Dec. 2. The small matter of the separatists in our House
Tuesday, Dec. 2. The Commons: And then it got worse
Wednesday, Dec. 3. Dion v. Harper, crack-up in the Commons
Wednesday, Dec. 3. The Commons: ‘How do we repair the irreparable?’
Wednesday, Dec. 3. Quick review
Thursday, Dec. 4. ‘A lot of fear and anger and hatred’
Thursday, Dec. 4. The Commons: A cold and miserable day 

I can’t say I entirely enjoyed this past week, but I think I’m glad I was here for it. Above you’ll find most of what was written here. Elsewhere, you’ll find copies of each party leader’s remarks on Wednesday night and other random observations.

This is all very far from over, but hopefully this nook of the Internet has been of some use so far.

Thanks for the continued readership. And thanks for the comments, encouraging and defamatory and otherwise.


Seven days in 11 posts

  1. “And thanks for the comments, encouraging and defamatory and otherwise.”

    Man, can you ever stop being a Liberal hack?! :)

  2. Aaron, I’m sure even t he haters are grateful for your hard work this past week.

  3. I just want to say thank you to the Maclean’s blogging team, Andrew C, Kady, Aaron, Andrew P., etc. . This was the place to go to get the most current up-to-date information, and when it was rumours you said you were just putting up rumours (unlike a newspaper that quickly regurgitated planted false rumours as front page headlined news).

    Well done.

  4. Aaron,
    The posts are brutal, I think you just re-print from the Liberal Party of Canada website (more commenly referred to as the Fiberal Party of Canada). A little objectivity, combined with a sprinkle of fairness and journalistic integrity would be appropriate. Canadians are a little tired of the hyper-partizanship and bias many journalists are known for.

  5. Wherry, you are made out of teh awesome.

  6. Canadians are a little tired of the hyper-partizanship [sic] and bias many journalists are known for.

    Thank goodness there aren’t any hyper-partisan and biased commenters around anywhere…

  7. This place has been an incredible resource for the last week or so; I’ve been sitting at home hitting refresh for more hours than I’m willing to admit.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  8. The posts are brutal, I think you just re-print from the Liberal Party of Canada website

    Conservative talking a point no. 1.

    I think the Macleans bloggers are doing a fine job, bilious and scolding ConBots notwithstanding.

  9. What Andrew, Ted, David, Lucas and Ti-Guy said. Thanks for your work, Aaron. I’ve been checking you and the rest of the blogging team here before (and often instead of) anywhere else.

  10. I’d have to second C. Riess.

    Consider that 50% of voters would vote for Harper now, following that debacle. Consider that throughout the crisis, 60% of those polled said they would either prefer to see either the Conservatives remain in power, or to have another election.

    Regardless, I’m sure Wherry would cheer for the coalition even if they were using AK-47s to seize power. Canadian voters be damned!

  11. Regardless, I’m sure Wherry would cheer for the coalition even if they were using AK-47s to seize power.

    Now we’re talking. You go, ConBot!

  12. Thanks, Aaron. Some nice writing through the week.

  13. In the end, true democracy saved Stephen Harper’s ass, and the taxpayer billions of dollars.

    Once the polls came out the way they did showing a huge shift to the Tories, Harper gained the upper hand, and what can be more truly democratic than the people imposing their will on the legislature so bluntly and so forcefully? The fragility of a minority government may have saved us when more rigid arrangements would have meant bailouts by the billions to GM and Ford already.

    Hmmph, I was all ready to support republicanism in light of the clown show this week, but I think I might ride this British parliamentary thing out for a bit.

  14. COMPAS: CPC 51, LPC 20, NDP 10, BQ 8, GPC 6

    A bit higher than the other two polls out yesterday, but not by much.

    In addition, the overwhelming majority agreed with Harper on:

    1) eliminating party subsidies, and
    2) castigating the “coalition”.

    What does this mean?

    It means that the commentariate here (and elsewhere in the media) have shown once again that they are little more that partisan liberal mouthpieces, representing the far left fringe, and not the majority of the public (and more importantly Maclean’s audience).

    Rather than having your finger on the pulse of the nation, you joined the frenzy of the left wing fever swamp of commenters here.

    You abandoned all journalistic integrity, and followed, not the objective factors, but your own personal political feelings. You spun what was overwhelmingly a liberal disaster, into post after post of anti-Harper analysis.

    More importantly for your readers, we now know without a doubt that your analysis will always tilt one way, and in the future your analysis (such as it is) will be discounted for that. Or, to put it more bluntly, you’ve lost the most important thing a serious news analyst has – credibility.

    Now excuse me while I spend some time juxtaposing the Liberal fall into the political abyss (near 20% – wow) and corresponding CPC skyrocketing support, with your portrayal of Harper being in deep political decline.

  15. Here’s a fun one from the latest article:

    “In-and-Out. Chuck Cadman. Afghanistan. Torture. Linda Keen. Arthur Carty. Marc Mayrand. Dalton McGuinty. InSite. Listeriosis. Crime. Science. Academia. Elections Canada. Omar Khadr. Gordon O’Connor. Maxime Bernier. Canadian soldiers. The Military Police Complaints Commission. The ethics committee. The press gallery. CAIRS. Access to information. Notaleader.ca. The federal budget. The economy. The recession.

    The emblem of this government has become a furious male face screaming indignation in the arena of our democracy. At every turn, the response has been to obfuscate, manipulate and demonize.”

    Coles notes version: everything is 100% Harper’s fault, because he is evil and demonic.



    The whole story.

  16. One more thing:

    the public is still angry.

    Very angry.

    Creating a political crisis over daring to cut off the government dole to our political parties,

    and in the process destabalizing our already fragile economy,

    is the height of arrogance, and represents everything that is wrong with the liberal party.

    We all payed dearly over the past week so that the Liberal party could keep their checks flowing to them. To keep our tax money flowing directly into their pockets.

    In the end, it once again was the Liberal party looking out for the Liberal party, to the detriment of the rest of hard working Canadians. They were, after all, “entitled” to our money, and they were ready to move heavan and earth (and the fragile markets) to keep it.

    Though it’s hard to see that, when every fiber of your intellectual being is dedicated to denomizing Harper.

  17. Kody, what part of that post, which you just quoted, were not issues that were Harper’s fault? In other words, why is it unbalanced reporting? Because they were all placed on one post?

    Also to Kody: Do you not find the following snip to be at all distasteful? Nothing bothers you with it at all? Because your silence, and the silence of your fellow Conservatives, speaks volumes to me.

    Proud Once Again: “Hmmph, I was all ready to support republicanism in light of the clown show this week, but I think I might ride this British parliamentary thing out for a bit.”

    The ringing endorsement of our Country and our Sovereignty from a True Conservative! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the type of people we want to save us from those evil Frenchies!

  18. Aaron,

    That was good of you. Whether I agree or disagree with you and your colleagues (all fine journalists in my book), I truly enjoy the opportunity to read and comment on your views, the views of people who share my own opinions, and especially those whose opinions are contrary to my own. It’s a good forum for people to share ideas, pat each other on the back or slap each other around verbally (politely of course and harmlessly I hope).

    Thank you all at Macleans.

  19. Jenn,

    I take comfort in knowing that you represent the fringe left, and I

    I represent the majority.

    The majority view that dares not be put forth on this website.

    I realize that as a radical partisan leftist,

    you see nothing wrong with the assets of Macleans being used as, not a legitimate news analysis forum, but a propoganda tool for the fringe left.

    As one who reprensents the majority view of Canadians – the real centrist view – I find it rather repugnant.

  20. Jenn,

    I can’t prove it, but I have a hunch Kody lives in the basement at his mom’s house. She cooks his meals when he tires of Macdonalds and she washes his clothes. He doesn’t pay rent or board to his mom either, I’ll bet.

    For his mother’s sake, I wish he would grow up but I don’t think that will ever happen.

    Oh, and he thinks a bigot is what you get when you drink beer, daily, for several years, so he swears to quit drinking because he hates when folks call him that.

  21. It’s been an astounding week. I wouldn’t have missed Maclean’s blogs for anything. Thanks to all.

  22. I’ve personally enjoyed the opportunity to regurgitate talking points for all parties on all four sides of the debate

  23. Thanks so much Aaron. I’ve enjoyed it!

  24. This being as good a place as any – was Selley sacked? was there an announcement I missed somewhere?

  25. The Economist is reporting this as an attempted coup. And msnbc.com is reporting the prorogue as something a Banana Republic would do.

    I don’t know which is worse.

    Thank you Aaron and all other bloggers @ Macleans.ca

    Excellent reporting of the events as they happen. Kudos!

  26. Had dinner with friends tonight. Those who have always voted Liberal are as disgusted as those who have always voted Conservative.

    Ti-Guy, Kody, et al, you can spout your partisan lines for your camps all you like, slag each other endlessly ad nauseum. You have all lost this week.

  27. “Regardless, I’m sure Wherry would cheer for the coalition even if they were using AK-47s to seize power.”

    The junta strutted confidently through the Centre block foyer, resplendent in their blood-soaked fatigues. General Dion seized first the podium, then the microphone (you’d swear it was James Dean taking a glass of water), and in a deep, resonant voice thundered “The people have seized power: Vive le Noveau Canada!”

    The crowd erupted in rapturous applause. Several fainted, and, peering out a window, I swear I saw a rainbow bridging the Ottawa river, the ghosts of MacDonald and Cartier embracing and wet tongue-kissing.

    The strongmen then emptied the cartridges of their AK-47s into a portrait of the Queen, the rat-a-tat-tat of rebellion resonating in righteousness. The General re-approached the microphone and announced the members of the new Junta. Layton Vice-Chairman, Duceppe Chief Sneak. Baird to retain cabinet position in newly created “A**hole” portfolio (David McGuinty yells “sweep a**hole, sweep!”). Chow gets Defense, McCallum T-Board, Mathyssen gets Extermination of Men portfolio in a nod to the feminist wing, Cotler Justice, Rae Foreign Affairs, Bennet gets secretary for rounding up criminals who weren’t raised in gov’t approved childcare facilities. Jimmy the K gets Immigration, Volpe gets new “Getting Things Done” portfolio, Dryden gets social development.

    “Sir, are there any days that you don’t feel like an awesome revolutionary giant?” asked one reporter who I know to be objective.

    “Non”, our dear leader replied.

  28. Can I use that?

  29. The next best thing to an objective reporter is one who can take a joke :-)

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