Sizing up the beef recall -

Sizing up the beef recall


Gerry Ritz faced another 18 questions in the House this morning. And that was before a case of E.coli in Newfoundland was linked to XL Foods.

At our new infographics blog, Amanda Shendruk puts this recall in perspective.


Sizing up the beef recall

  1. When put into perspective, the recall is not out of the ordinary. Or maybe, according to the number, the 2012 recall is ordinary.
    Always remember: perfection does not exist!

  2. Aaron is important to realize that Canada and the US have food systems that are very closely related. This is particularily true with the beef industry. To pretend that their recalls don’t affect the safety of our food would be at our risk. Yet it is interesting to note that we have NEVER closed our border to their food products. This despite the fact that recalls on vegetables is common place and the 2008 recall on beef was huge compared to this current Canadian recall.