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‘Smiles and snake oil’


Stephen Harper apparently takes aim at Jack Layton.

“It matters very much who is making the big decisions, the big decisions, sometimes tough decisions,” Harper said Wednesday evening near the end of a 27-minute speech to a packed ballroom. “They’re not all easy decisions. They’re not all smiles and snake oil.”


‘Smiles and snake oil’

  1. “They're not all easy decisions. They're not all smiles and snake oil.”

    Hmmmm……So which decisions ARE smiles and snake oil?

    • How about this one:

      "Everybody's saying the F-35s are going to cost billions more than we're saying? Nah, that's crazy talk. We got a contract, or a memorandum of understanding, or something… anyway, suffice to say, we're good. We're gonna come in on budget. Don't you worry." (Insert sh*t-eating grin here.)

      There! A genuine smile and snake oil moment!

      • I think to understand the sh*t-eating grin, you need to point out that he and Peter get to wear bomber jackets and cool sunglasses while they play Top-Gun in the Lockheed Martin simulator. from http://www.lockheedmartin.com/capabilities/traini

        Mission Rehearsal

        Lockheed Martin simulation and training systems immerse land, sea and air warfighters into realistic, integrated learning environments. It puts the compliant politician into the real world where they can train exactly as those they send in harms way fight.

        Lockheed Martin mission rehearsal operational environments use:

        * Actual operational equipment
        * The look, feel and sounds of the mission
        * Accurate geographic and infrastructure visual databases
        * Three-dimensional modeling of friends and foes, all operational and armed with true performance capabilities
        * Real-time insertion of hundreds of friends and foes on land, sea and air
        * Surprise insertion of emergency procedures
        * Day/night continuum in all weather
        * Open architecture for networking, locally and long haul

        • Actually, I'd be wearing a sh*t-eating grin too. That is pretty cool.

          • sign me up!

        • Also, no engines.

          • jet planes are safer that way; and lower maintenance costs, too.


    • Trashing the census in the name of protecting Canadians from jail time, rather than just changing the penalties, due to a literal hand-full of libertarian complaints, might count. Or you could even go back to the sacking of Linda Keen over Chalk River…

  2. Or blame them on staffers if they go poorly.

  3. It matters very much who is making the big decisions, the big decisions, sometimes tough decisions

    Question: exactly how many tough decisions has Harper made? Cutting funding to organizations that the Conservatives don't like doesn't count.

    It only counts as a tough decision when it antagonizes Harper's supporters or otherwise jeopardizes his chances of retaining power.

  4. Investor Bulletin
    The price of smiles and snake oil is has gone through the roof due to high consumer demand. Production increases expected to meet the immediate needs.

  5. You make tough decisions and then the next day you change your mind and make a different tough decision. Then you take credit for making both decisions while blaming the Opposition for interfering.

    • some tough decisions require extra snake oil.

  6. He's The Decider

  7. Thumbs up to all the comments. I laughed through them all.

  8. Smiles and Snake Oil? I suspect we have just got a peek into Harper's personality which to date has been one made of plastic! His whole campaign has been one of lies, innuendo snake oil and smiles.

    For the family living in Canada there can be only one choice this election and people are going to have to climb that mountain if they want to protect their life style.

    For the first time in my life I am going to vote NDP.

  9. Ah, so that's how they're going to achieve stealth! Also, I hear that radar has a tougher time picking up things closer to the ground.. can't get any closer than on it, this is true.

    • surface-to-air missiles should be utterly ineffective against them at that altitude too… one imagines the planes would be quite adept at staying out of range of any enemy anti-aircraft fire altogether. These really are the best kit to keep our brave troops safe!

  10. can you guarantee that the snakes were humanely pressed?

  11. These comments are pretty funny and completely justified criticisms of the PM, but notwithstanding that, this is a smart move. There are all sorts of wrong ways to go negative — calling Layton a socialist would be completely ineffective — but the idea that he's a nice guy yet ultimately insubstantial? Believable, and therefore at least potentially successful.

  12. Smiles and snake oil… I agree we need to see past these, i will give Harper that (and notably it is a little difficult to take a man seriously when he sports a little moustache)… but it is substantially more difficult to take one seriously who won't look you in the eye. Hence I am voting for the party whose leader is sans moustache and would be able to look me in the eye… Ignatieff and The Liberals are not perfect but they are the only party equipped to lead that I feel I can trust. No phony smiles, no snake oil. The choices admittedly aren't extremely appealing, which is why I am going the safe route this time. Liberal. Iggy, get in the game.

  13. “They're not all easy decisions. They're not all smiles and snake oil.”

    "Do you think it's easy to make decisions!"

  14. One needs the snake oil in order to swallow those weird fake smiles.