Soon to be in Vogue? Justin Trudeau

Fashion magazine takes notice of ‘Canada’s feminist prime minister’

Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister-elect and leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, speaks to supporters on election night in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015. Trudeau's Liberal Party swept into office with a surprise majority, ousting Prime Minister Stephen Harper and capping the biggest comeback election victory in Canadian history. (Kevin Van Paassen/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

Justin Trudeau speaks to supporters on election night. (Kevin Van Paassen/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

As if Canadians haven’t had enough fun watching the flurry of international media attention paid to our new, apparently handsome, Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau appears to have earned the most important stamp of approval in fashion: that of Anna Wintour, the legendary editor of Vogue magazine.

Maclean’s has learned that the magazine dispatched a photographer to snap Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, in the Library of Parliament last week. The library was closed for several hours during the shoot (UPDATE: the library says the shoot took less than an hour, but the library was closed to public tours for several hours because of tours for the new MPs. The library was not closed to the public due to the photo shoot). The photos are expected to appear in the January issue.

Wintour’s power in the fashion industry is legendary. It’s widely believed she was the inspiration behind the book and movie, The Devil Wears Prada.

The U.S. fashion magazine first took notice earlier this month when it blogged about Canada’s feminist Prime Minister.

Library of Parliament. (Photograph by Jessica Darmanin)

Library of Parliament. (Photograph by Jessica Darmanin)

The Liberals refused to confirm the photo shoot and didn’t answer questions about whether it was American Vogue or one of the international editions. The magazine publishes in 19 countries, including Italy, France and the U.K., and boasts 12.5 million readers.

It’s not the first time Condé Nast, the parent company of Vogue, has noticed the Liberal leader. Trudeau was featured in Vanity Fair a year ago, well ahead of his Oct. 19 election win. That shoot also took place in the Library of Parliament, a breathtaking Gothic revival piece of Centre Block on Parliament Hill. It’s the only original part of the building left after a fire destroyed the rest of Centre Block in 1916. (That wasn’t the only fire to threaten the library, as I just discovered.)

Earlier this month, New York Magazine featured Trudeau as a paper doll.

Yes, it’s getting silly.



Soon to be in Vogue? Justin Trudeau

  1. Oh great…..

    The Former Prime Minister was known for defending Israel, standing up to Putin, providing maternal aid to the poorest countries in the world, and keeping Canada on track with one of the strongest economies in the G7….

    New prime Minister……the world just wants to see him in a fashion shoot; complete with cut out dolls and six pack abs.

    Is there any doubt that the guy got his job simply because of his name and looks? He’s been showing pretty clearly that he’s not really up to the job. He’s an embarrasment so far. I hope he gets on with it soon.

    • Awwww. It must be a terrible disappointment to watch the new government begin implementing the platform it ran on. If you’re hoping he “gets on with” implementing the Conservatives platform, it might be time to join the real world.

      “The poll gives the Liberals the support of 55% of Canadians, an enormous number that the Conservatives never managed in any poll throughout their tenure. “

    • Ya but James we have a Selfie PM ….Sarcoff

      • I’d rather he be popular for the stands he took…….not his looks. When Harper was at the helm, folks knew that he was a leader. they may not have liked him; in fact, they may have hated him…but they respected him.

        trudeau…..they just want a selfie. Oi Vey !!

        • “…but they respected him. ”

          How can you not respect a leader who hides in the closet while the women and disabled man the barricades?

  2. Great, he’s going to be featured in Vogue – just like that other selfie-obsessed celebrity, Kim Kardashian.

  3. This is ridiculous and one of the main reasons he has been voted to Prime Minister of Canada. Some find him attractive and therefore figure, I will vote for JT because he looks good and ‘love his hair’.
    Being in a spread of the magazine ” Vogue ” is exactly what he’s hoping for. He has huge ‘ I LOVE ME ‘ ego and unfortunately Anna Wintour has jumped on the bandwagon.
    Since when, has a dedicated Prime Minister allowed himself to be photographed in glamour magazine when there is so much chaos going on in our world today? Diabolical!!

    • What serious world leaders, you ask? The Obamas, the Camerons, the Kennedys, not to mention countless others leading smaller countries, or holding different political positions that ‘the leader.’ A Vogue spread isn’t exactly the sort of thing that gets in the way of public policy, even though it’s clearly of no importance to you personally. Of course, this step into populism and pop culture is all a part of politics, and you seem to think that Vogue is strictly about what? Fashion? Superflous non-humanity? I guess you’ve never bothered to actually read Vogue before, because if you had you’d know that cosmopolitanism is an essential aspect of their editorial content.

      • Vogue does not put anyone in their magazine that is not pretty.

  4. Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel and Justin Trudeau in Vogue….of course Canada will get noticed. I love the paper doll. When he misses parliament, they can just prop one in his seat.

  5. Oh, geez, folks.

    It was previously ‘my quiet time’ and I got so interested in Rock Snot, I thought I would reply to you[z]e quasi-intellectuals (thass straight outa Elmer Fudd, Esq.)

    The impression I’m getting is that some of you folks don’t like the fact that Justin is a popular PM.

    It does seem like you’re unhappy with the results from the previous ‘hi, my name is Steve, and I enjoy being pathological’ party.

    We do have some fine caricaturists in Canada. Try the following from Trawna … ( which is more than camembert and broken crackers )



    I was formerly on Rona’s ENEMA list … but her clinicians failed to show to get my splooge.

    • Gee I see you are not sourcing the National Post today. The lead story is that most Canadians disagree with our popular pms decision to try and ram 25,000 refugees into the country in a mere 6 weeks during a Canadian winter. He is also sticking to his plan to pull the 6 fighter jets out of Syria but put more boots on the ground training kurds although the only 2 Canadians to die in Syria were on the ground. Some how he things training Kurds at the front line, even if your shooting the enemy is not combat. I have a feeling he might be pulling the fighter jets as part of his plan to lower emissions because he is all about pleasing Obama with Canada and the decrease in carbon emissions, never mind that Obama keeps fracking and plans to drill in the Arctic.

  6. Beats ‘The Farmer’s Daily’

    • You seem to have a problem with Canadian farmers. Where do you get your food or are you actually a robot….

      • Only 2% of Canadians are farmers….Canada is mostly urban…..so farmer shouldn’t be running the country anymore the way they used to

        • yeah…screw them farmers. They all be ig-nant anyhoo.

          What we really need, is an ex-substitute drama teacher to run the show.

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