Theresa Spence won’t attend


After some confusion this morning, Chief Theresa Spence is now officially unwilling to attend Friday’s meeting unless the Governor General is present.

“We have sent a letter to Buckingham Palace and requesting that Queen Elizabeth II send forth her representative which is the Governor General of Canada. I will not be attending Friday’s meeting with the Prime Minister, as the Governor General’s attendance is integral when discussing Inherent and Treaty Rights,” stated Chief Theresa Spence of the Attawapiskat First Nation.


Theresa Spence won’t attend

  1. None of the FNs people should attend if the GG isn’t there. Their relationship and treaties are with the Crown, not Harper.

    • And so the crown is expected to support them in the manner to which they’d like to become accustomed?

      • The Crown is expected to uphold the contracts they signed.

    • Then why did Spence want to meet with Harper in the first place and why did you go on about Harper “cracking”? Exactly what powers does Queen Elizabeth or her representative have with regard to changing the Indian Act given that Canada is no longer a colony?

      • Because this isn’t a one-time Hollywood production with writers and directors and film-crews etc….it’s a historical event rolling out …….day by day……..as it happens. Live.

        Harp said he wouldn’t meet with her….and then he agreed to.

        The Queen is our Head of State….still in charge, same as in the UK….and the Crown has a special relationship with the FNs. It’s in the Constitution….and that’s the basic law of Canada. Bedrock.

        Spence has said nothing about changing the ‘Indian Act’…..that is only one of many problems that need to be fixed.

        • If the GG were to agree to requests/changes/demands/whatever that Spence wants, and Harper did not agree to them, would that not result in a Constitutional crisis?

          • No, but simply because THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

            I can’t even think of a hypothetical commitment that the GG could legally make without running it by the PM, but more to the point, no GG would EVER actually make such a commitment, even if such a commitment wasn’t constitutionally and legally moot.

          • Well we are already having a constitutional crisis….LOL

            And so what? We’ll survive.

            Spence, the AFN etc have made no demands or presented a list of changes……they want the treatie upheld, and a simple committment to do that.

            Harp doesn’t get to agree or disagree….Parliament does.

          • Without a list of changes/demands, then there is no way to understand what a simple commitment to uphold treaties actually means. Harper could say, “yep, we’ll uphold the treaties”, and that would be the end of it; with both sides thinking they achieved a victory.

            I really don’t understand how anything can be achieved without, at minimum, a clear identification of the specific issues.

          • Having the Head of State show up to confirm the treaties pretty much says it all.

            If treaties are not upheld after that…..you’d better hope they choose the Supreme Court to enforce it.

          • ….and according to you Queen Elizabeth is our head of state so she or the GG need to show up to confirm the treaties are upheld?

          • Gee, are there that many of them we’re fudging on?

          • I am just trying to confirm your understanding of the Queen’s role in our sovereign country. Amazing.

          • No, you’re trying to be an asshole, and succeeding admirably.

          • Having the Head of State show up to confirm the treaties pretty much says it all.

            If treaties are not upheld after that…..you’d better hope they choose the Supreme Court to enforce it.

            That’s nonsense. If treaties aren’t being followed, why wait? Complain to the courts NOW. Getting the GG to say “Gee, look, this treaty isn’t being followed! That’s bad!” is about as meaningful as getting Peter Mansbridge to say that. The GG can’t actually DO anything about it but complain.

          • What do you think they HAVE been doing?

          • So, now you think the GG is going to override not just the PM, but courts as well???

          • What is it you expect the GG to say?

            As I recall I said she wants him at the meeting….as all treaties were made with the crown he represents in Canada. His presence as the crown is necessary. No one asked him to rewrite the law….he’s upholding the already existing law.

        • Again though, what problem is there that needs to be fixed that can only be fixed by the Queen or the GG???

          I understand why, symbolically, one would want the Head of State’s representative in the room for such a meeting, but it’s practically moot, is it not?

          Can you name a single thing that the GG or the Queen could legally and practically do to address the concerns of Chief Spence that either leader would ever even contemplate doing against the wishes of the Prime Minister?

          Other than symbolism, why refuse to have a meeting with someone who CAN make changes for you because you’re holding out for a meeting that also includes someone else who CAN’T?

          • The Heads of the First Nation signed treaties with our Head of State.

            It is a nation to nation agreement. Nation to nation should meet….they don’t want to be fobbed off with some flunkey. There’s been waaaay too much fobbing.

          • Now Harper is a “flunkey”? The “flunkey” she insisted on meeting with. For the record Harper did not say he wouldn’t meet with her. He didn’t say anything until he announced the meeting with the chiefs. Also will she continue on the liquid diet because she is unhappy with only meeting with the “flunkey” Prime Minister, Harper? Oh and if she only wanted head of state, why did she want McGuinty there?

          • Oh yes, and don’t forget Laureen Harper…she wanted Laureen Harper to “drop by”. Maybe Laureen can attend with the flunkey Stephen and stand in for the Queen.

          • Jeezus keep up.

            Harper refused to meet with her, and offered the Minister of Indian Affairs instead…..a flunkey.

            There are several people to be talked to here….the GG, the PM and the Premier

            All the white guys…on the carpet.

          • Well unfortunately McGunity is in China so he is one white guy she won’t have “on the carpet”.

          • McGuinty can attend.

          • How so?

          • Emily will have Scottie beam him over.

          • It is a nation to nation agreement. Nation to nation should meet….they don’t want to be fobbed off with some flunkey.

            When do you suppose was the last time that Canada sent the GG or the Sovereign to meet with another nation to discuss a treaty matter??? I’m actually fairly certain that such a thing has never happened (certainly not since before confederation, if it even ever happened then).

            The notion that the GG needs to be there because this is a matter of discussions between two nations is LUDICROUS. If Spence isn’t interested in dealing with the same person who represents Canada in bilateral meetings with Barack Obama or Hu Jintao then she’s either being deliberately and provocatively obtuse, or she’s growing delusional.

          • Welll actually it has. A librarian should know this.

          • Cite the case.

          • You made the claim pal. In fact you lied to do it.

          • You’re the one who claimed that meetings about treaties have to involve the GG (or, presumably, the Queen).

            Cite the case of the last time that the Canadian Governor General or the Canadian Sovereign was personally involved in a meeting about a treaty between Canada and another nation. Bonus points if you can find an example from after 1867, and SUPER bonus points if you can find a case that occurred during the lifetime of any of the principles involved today.

          • Google is your friend.

          • So go ahead and use it already!

          • Welcome aboard Keith! Emily isn’t going to cite a case. She can’t because she is wrong. It is on the CBC website…since Canada became a sovereign nation, the Queen’s involvement is really all symbolism.

          • Frankly, I think Emily knew she was wrong before she made her first post; she’s just putting out bait to see who she can hook and draw into her little game. I’m going to take a pass tonight and let you and LKO fight the good fight :-)

          • It is a nation to nation agreement. Nation to nation should meet….they don’t want to be fobbed off with some flunkey

            so this has absolutely ZERO to do with Canada – am i reading that right?that is what you are arguing – its nation to nation – canada is a middle player

            So if that is true, then why do Canadian Taxpayers foot the bill? if this is a nation to nation (crown – ie England/Queen) why arent the British paying for the dilapidated state of the reserves?

            Let’s look at her first demand – i am willing to die for my people and requested a meeting with the PM (GG nowhere on the radar). PM moved up date from 24th to the 11th – now states she isnt going – ah boo-hoo

            wanted all this attention when the things were in HER favour – 22 modular homes ring a bell?? Now the media (regardless left or right wing) have found out additional information and the tide has turned – kicked reporters out of both places – hmmm odd to a normal person… but not odd to you, eh emily?? nope not the least bit…god forbid holding someone accountable is such a crime….and before you go off on your rant – regardless of who is in power governments bury many things under the rug…what would the liberals do differently?

            Bottom line is the system is broken and Emily if you have the silver bullet to fix – step up…cuz you obviously have all the answers.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • so chief clarence has got it all wrong

          • another FN reserve who has got it all wrong..The Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation — formerly known as Whitefish Lake First Nation — has partnered with celebrity contractor Mike Holmes to build sustainable housing in which 42 units are being built.

            Damn that Mike Holmes and his “Make it Right” slogan…a man who certainly deserves a pat on the back

          • Hence the name First Nations. Between the First Nations and the Crown – then address your concerns with the queen…..and good luck with that

          • The FN have already contacted her.

          • You mean Ms. Spence and her friends have written a letter to Buckingham Palace.

          • touche –
            EmilyOne Lord_ • 4 hours ago

            I’m sure the Queen will take your ‘concern’ into consideration.

            Now do stop with the nonsense scenarios.

          • and for the rest of us who are on pins and needles to hear her response what did she say? did the letter get emailed or faxed or couriered (by boat/plane maybe by pigeon) how??? you have all the answers so you must know what the queens response was…..

          • was the FN (sorry AFN) leader, Mr. Atleo consulted before the letter was sent? Because, after all, he does represent all FN’s and should have a consult his people before they act – sounds reasonable, should he not or does that not apply in your thinking and argument?

          • No one cares what Atleo thinks.

          • Emily, the term “First Nations” did not come into being until the early 1980’s. In the treaties they were referred to as tribes and nations. Let’s not rewrite history here.

          • Yes, that is where I found it….on your favorite site…Wikipedia…under First Nations’. Did you read the second section “Terminology”…the second sentence which says that “elder Sol Sanders coined the term in the early 1980’s”.

          • Yup….all treaties were signed with the monarch….one nation to another.

          • Or one tribe to the crown.

          • Well there are over 60 nations across 600 communities…there are lots of signed treaties HI.

          • Yeah and you should have been with old George V when he paddled up to Attiwapiskat and signed that Treaty with YesNo and Chief Mugwump

            The number of mosquitoes sitting on the King’s rear end exceeded your IQ.

          • Oops sorry it was Elder Sol Sanderson who took credit for coining the term “First Nations” in the early 1980’s. Why do you refer people to these sites and then never read through them to see what the person will find there?

          • I know exactly what the sites say….that’s why I send you to them. To learn, grasshopper.

          • wikipedia – a reliable source for sure. dont get me wrong many of us use it

          • It’s as reliable as Encyclopedia Britannica.

          • Symbols are extremely powerful, lko. Harper’s apology in the HoC to the residential school survivors was a symbol, right? I do hope the GG attends, as a symbol of good will and recognition of Crown responsibility for the indigenous peoples of Canada.

          • Symbols are indeed extremely powerful, but they can also be counter productive.

          • Who to?

          • To Spence and her cause potentially, for one thing.

            When the person who can actually effect changes on your behalf agrees to meet with you, and you then call off the meeting because a figurehead with virtually no real power won’t also be in the meeting as well, then the BEST that you can have achieved is to annoy the person you really need to talk to.

            The only possible practical reason to insist that both the PM AND the GG attend a meeting like this is that you want to try to play one of them off against the other. Not only is that slimy, but it’s silly. No Governor General in his or her right mind is going to allow themselves to be used in that way. The only role for the GG in such a meeting would be to sit there quietly and to say “ask the PM” to any question put to him.

          • I’m sure the Queen will take your ‘concern’ into consideration.

            Now do stop with the nonsense scenarios.

          • I can virtually GUARANTEE that the Queen isn’t even going to visit North America while this is all going on. I’d be SHOCKED if Spence could even get Her Majesty on the phone.

          • Focus library-dude….that’s what the GG is for.

          • Well, HIM she can probably get on the phone, but if she somehow gets him to agree to come to the meeting all he’s going to do is sit there in the room quietly.

          • That’s the whole idea

          • Is it really the idea?

          • MMm Hmm fraid so baby.

          • In your opinion, would it be OK if the GG showed up for the photo op phase and then excused himself for the nitty gritty phase?

            And “fraid so baby”? Really?

          • LOL yup, really

            He needs to be there to hear what they have to say in their opening remarks, or to accept their petition….but he’s not there to negotiate details.

            It’s symbolic, and therefore important.

          • Sure, I didn’t say anything about that, and I agree with your post that I responded to. When you think about it, both the GG and Chief Spence are symbols too. I rather hope the GG, who I have since read is “leaving the door open” as to his appearance, attends the meeting. Anyway, happy new year to you; I have enjoyed “talking” to you for several years now.

          • He is the symbolic head of all the people in our country.
            He welcomes participants, he offers encouragement, he praises all, he reminds all of their importance, he speaks of the greatness of Canada, and he urges everyone to work hard for the good of the country, and then he departs.
            Very simple. What doesn’t he understand about his role. Worst GG ever. Right in Harper’s back pocket when he needs him.
            The Queen let it be said understands this role perfectly.

          • Yup, and if the GG only does what Harper tells him, we don’t need a GG.

            I thought the last GG was bad….but this one has her beat.

          • Yes, “symbolic”……I believe that is what is missing from Emily’s understanding of the role of the Queen and her representative. The Queen isn’t interested in interfering in the running of the country.

        • So you are saying Queen Elizabeth II could make a deal with the FN without the Canadian parliament because she is “still in charge”?

          • She would refer it to the govt, and advise them on it. She has done so before.

            The honour of the Crown is at stake.

            There is a third party in our constitution….always has been, and that’s the FN, and their deal with the Queen.

          • Yes although I have seen that she is reluctant to get too involved in advising the British parliament as she recognizes that they are elected by the people and she is not and therefore her “interference’ is not kindly looked upon. I believe you yourself, Emily have spoken somewhat negatively about the British monarchy and Canada’s ties to it. Perhaps you have changed your mind now that Chief Spence is insisting that the GG attend the meeting?

          • The Queen speaks to PM Cameron once a week regularly, and advises at that time….unless he phones for help in the meantime. Chuck writes and talks to govt depts all the time….he is famous for it.

            Canada is a constitutional monarchy. Period. And that’s all we can go by at the moment.

          • Yes but has she EVER in her 65 years as Queen reversed anything that the elected parliament has decided or interfered in any negotiations with FN in Canada that would lead you to believe that this is a probability now??

          • 60 years….and do stop wandering all over the map. I said she advised her minister. She also upholds the honour of the crown. Normally no PM would argue with her, but there’s no telling what that turkey roll in Ottawa will do.

          • You cannot name a time because it does not exist. She is a shrewd woman and she knows her place…..she is a symbolic head of state. The people choose a parliament and she lets the parliament do its job. If she were to interfere, the monarchy’s days would be numbered. Why do you think she pays income tax now? She knows she needs to contribute and she does that by paying taxes and bringing in tourists.

          • I think you’ve gotten carried away with your own fantasies. You are two seconds away from the royal powers online.

          • Chuck, you say ……. Who the devil is that?

          • I think she is referring to Charles, the Prince of Wales.

          • Thanks for that.
            Holy doodle, good old Wales, I forgot all about the guy.
            You might know Emily would have a crush on him.
            Message to Emily – put on your Squidgy shorts buddy.

          • The Queen, you know, is quite elderly and doesn’t take to long trips like she used to.

            Therefore would you kindly ask the Starving Chief if she would be satisfied to speak with Lord Black of Crossharbour, as her plenopotentiary representative.

    • I think the old fat Chief should cross the Rubicon (iacta alia est) and go camp out in the HOC until the Queen shows up.

      I should tell you though that in obstreperous cases like this Her Majesty has been known to send the First Sea Lord and the fleet, instead of showing up herself.

      So you might warn Fat Theresa to stuff something in her knickers because the Admiral is known to have one in every port.

      It would be a shame if Theresa spoiled the relationship with her $300,000 a year live-in band manager boy friend just on account of a naughty night on the flagship dealing with Her Majesty’s personal representative..

      • I am getting sick of this “boyfriend” slur.
        If an unwed white woman of a certain age had let’s call it “friend” he or she would be called spouse, partner, campanion, common-law husband or wife, but never boyfriend which is a pejorative meant for teenage girls. and children.

        • Who are you, H.W. Fowler? Probably not, by the sound of you.

          But I’m getting sick of illiterate numbskulls who can’t spell “companion” or who don’t know when to use an indefinite article.

          So considering the bald fact that you don’t know the proper definition of the term “boy friend” or even that it properly requires two separate words my suggestion to you Popeye is that you take your “pejorative’ and stick it.

          As far as I can tell, the Chief, has been mishandling the money in the till and now she finds herself with jam all over her face in the middle of a publicity stunt that not even “teenage girls” or “children” would be stupid enough to pull.

          • Boyfriend in this context is a racist slur.
            I have a lot of sympathy for the Chief as i am not only illiterate but financially inept and would not be able to administer a 100 million dollar budget, even it it was over 6 years.
            I have enjoyed how much sheer glee you and your well educated, literate, articulate, accountants in the upper media pundit class have shown as you trash Chief Spence day after day. God it’s fun!

          • I see on APTN her spouse is called “life partner”. That’s good.

          • I must say, JW that for an “illiterate” person, you read the comments and respond to them….quite masterfully. What is your secret?

          • He’s legally her husband in Ontario.

          • There may be a reason he isn’t her husband. There are some very antiquated rules around “status Indians” marrying white people. Now that the Supreme Court has changed the rules, many more FN people will be get status that was denied to them because of who their parents and grandparent’s married.

          • They are in Ontario….they are married.

          • It is nice that you have sympathy for Chief Spence. However, if you are truly illiterate and financially inept and you know you could not administer a 100 million dollar budget over 6 years….then unlike Chief Spence, you JW have a lot of insight into your own failings. Part of the problem is that Chief Spence and her co-manager and ‘life partner”, Mr. Kennedy did not even make a budget despite the fact that they were dealing with a large community of people with divergent needs and millions of dollars incoming and outgoing.
            You might feel sympathy for the Chief but she was living in a real home. What about the people who were living in tents in the winter? She purchased a $100 thousand dollar Zamboni to clean the ice at the rec centre rink (the rec centre was closed due to problems) at the same time that 6 brand new houses sat empty waiting to be completed on the inside. Those houses had set empty for 2 years. This happened at the same time she contacted her MP, Charlie Angus and announced a housing crisis in the community. When supplies were donated like heaters, sleeping bags and winter coats, she left those unpacked in boxes. I am sorry JW but Chief Spence wasn’t new to this position, she had been the deputy chief for many years before taking over the job as chief. Her community needs her to do better. If she cannot administer the money and look after the community properly, she needs to admit that and let someone who can, step in.

          • Ok ok ok, let’s call him her $850 a day live-in geezerfriend. Will that make you happy?

            You’d think for that much money he could at least send in an invoice and prevent the young thing from getting into hot water.

            Anyway , I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. She and geezer are raking in enormous big bucks and that reserve is a mess.

      • your “fat” slurs undermine your argument – this is not the HoC y’know

        • It would be nice if their weren’t so many weight comments directed at so many people including members of the House of Commons but it seems we live in a society where prejudice aimed at at people who are overweight is the last bastion of acceptable bigotry.

        • The woman and this entire charade is ridiculous and well worthy of ridicule.

        • He thinks he’s being satirical. People on the right don’t tend to do satire well…it usually comes off as bullying language (or racist, in many cases).

    • Nope, “This demand reflected a very old and very wrong idea (part of dream-palace thinking) that the “Crown” is somehow an independent agency with which aboriginal “nations” have a direct relationship, whereas the “Crown” is nothing of the sort.” ~ Jeffrey Simpson.

      • LOL that’s like quoting Margaret Wente.

        • Oh puh-lease.

          As is often the case, the debate over the GG attending the meeting is coming down to how we define/understand the Crown.
          If your looking at the Crown as the concept of the state and you want to emphasize equal sovereignties, you’ll go for GG attending.
          If your defining the Crown as the executive here and want to stress that we’re all part of a united Canada, then you want GG away from it.
          Anyway, for what it’s worth, I don’t see how the Crown could be there as the state, so it must be there as the executive power, so no GG. ~ Philippe Lagasse .

          • The GG is the Queen’s representative in Canada. Period.

          • It does not matter. Period.


            H00T, H00T, H00T!!


        • The CBC website is saying the same thing….that once Canada became a sovereign nation, the Queen’s role became symbolic.

          • Snort! The people at the CBC know better.

          • Did you go on the CBC website and read the story about Ms. Spence refusing the meeting due to the GC not attending. There is a little box explaining the role of the Queen and GG beside the story.

          • No, I don’t depend on the media having the first clue about how things work.

          • Or apparently trust them to talk to any constitutional experts to find out about how things really work.

          • Good lord, no.

          • Snort – way to go, we’ve got it on the list.

            I’m a time traveller
            Source please
            Again …… source?
            That’s not a source
            Try again genius
            You’re a racist
            Shut it
            I’m an atheist
            Christopher Columbus was an idiot
            Indians come from India
            It’s a complex world
            I wouldn’t have been patient
            Some people are born on third base
            What part of this didn’t you understand
            Two of the candidates are pushing the Knowledge economy
            …… and THAT is important
            It’s why I’m an Ontario separatist
            There’s an old saying
            I said ciao and I meant ciao
            La la, Lala, Emily’s song

          • LOL if you feel that making a collection of my partial remarks is really the best use of your short time on this planet, go for it guy.

            The rest of us will just move you to the ‘stupid’ column, cross you off…. and move on.

          • Emily Emily, tut tut tut.

            I don’t think it’s necessary at all to disparage the value of your own profound output. I’m working on a scholarly paper to be titled, “Asinine Comments from the Trolling World.”

            And I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “partial remarks.”

            Surely when you say such things as, “Christopher Columbus was an Idiot” or “I’m an atheist” or “Indians come from India,” those comments constitute a full remark and, I might say, in each case a complete thought such as it is.

            So Emily it’s not a waste of time at all. You have prolific output, as much as 40% of the remarks on most topics, and it requires only microseconds to add your most precious pieces of bilge to the growing list.

            Emily, please don’t put yourself down, you’re academically fabulous.

          • It’s your life to waste….carry on.

    • further solidifies the argument to get rid of the Indian Act..cuz it clearly has nothing to do with Canada

      • Oh of course not….it deals strictly with Fiji

        [rolls eyes]

  2. An audit (labelled by chief Spence as a “distraction”) which found questionable spending practices — and suddenly further negotiations are pointless ?? This could lead to some speculating that she prefers drama to inconvenient facts.

    • Don’t make things up, please. That isn’t ‘logic’.

      She said the media story about the audit was a deliberate distraction…..which it is, as audits have been done every year and posted online.

      Negotiations are vital….but she wants the crown at the meeting.

      And the story isn’t about Chief Spence in any case….she’s a catalyst. Like Rosa Parks was for the civil rights movement.

      • Of course it is a distraction. She is national news and everything she is involved with is of interest to everybody so the journalists are digging everything up and printing it. Rosa Parks life became news too. Is it the fault of the investigative journalists if some parts of a person’s life aren’t that flattering? The truth is that Ms. Spence put herself in the media spotlight. It is a bit late to complain that she is getting too much attention…especially when some of her complaints are that her community is underfunded. Of course the journalists are going to look at how she is administering the funds that have been given into her trust.

        • And she has every right to toss them out if they’re playing ‘gotcha’ games ….and only with a native woman…..instead of taking the complaint seriously.

          The journalists aren’t doing anything beyond being silly….they certainly aren’t practicing journalism

          • I notice you are though; practicing so called “journalism” that is.

            Have you ever thought of applying at CNN. I’ll bet Wolfe Blitzer would get you a better stipend than the 3 bucks you get now. In fact, I’ll bet they’d move you up to a dime, the same amount Wolfe pays his “femmes du monde.”.

  3. Harper makes the deals and the GG signs the papers – unitil there is something to sign he is moot – The Crown is parliament now no longer royalty in England Harper is the Prime Minister of parliament therefore he represents Parliament during any and all negotiating the GG is double moot

    • Wishes are not reality.

      • Non sequitur?

        • It’s a reply to Wayne Young…..he might wish for things to be that way, but they’re not.

          The Queen is our Head of State, not Harper.

          • Symbolically yes, but she has no power to make any changes. Sprinkling your magic fairy dust over your keyboard doesn’t change that.

    • I don’t remember anything about meeting the GG. Cut the microphone on the fish-broth lady; and would the last person exiting this gong-show please turn off the lights?

  4. What are Theresa and her council members trying to hide? They are obviously selfish: we come first over the needs of our band members.

  5. Well, that’s what happens when you think the monarchy is so important in our lives that you remove Canadian works of art from public buildings to replace them by photos of the Queen – and put one in every embassy, and get all mushy around queen stuff: some people start to think that it IS important in our lives. Well deserved. Ms. Spence is not the only person who should leave the queen out of it….

    • LOL exactly right. Harper wanted a monarchy and now he’s got one.

      • I am fairly sure we had a monarchy before 2006 when Harper became PM. In fact Jean Chretien LOVES the queen.

        • Canada has always been a monarchy. But we’ve been easing away from it for some time.

          Harper brought it back in full force

          • There is no easing away or bringing it back. It is what it is. Mr. Chretien handled Canada’s part in the Queen’s birthday celebrations. He was closer to her than any modern day PM.

          • I see you’ve lived in Outer Mongolia all this time.

          • You Emily live in a place called “denial’.

          • Yer the one dressed in the cowboy costume, hon.

          • Only during stampede, Emily and I wear blue jeans and a denim shirt for 10 days to work….it really isn’t much of a sacrifice.

          • The whole idea is silly.

          • It really is Christmas in July!

          • Well, if you are still into Santa….

          • Yes I admit I do have a soft spot for the old guy.

          • That would be you and George Smitherman (the wife)

          • I see you’ve set up housekeeping in Colon Colony.

          • Yes, and I think she appreciated very much that JC didn’t push on the monarchic symbols too heavily, using them as political tools.

        • Was JC ever asked to bring in the GG along with him when he met with First Nations? I don’t think so. JC loved his Indian Affairs portfolio, always said it had been his favourite work, and loves the queen but he also understands the distance one keeps from the queen. Harper likes to use the monarchic symbols, the return of the Royal Canadian Air Force, etc., the photos of her majesty. He wants the crown to return into our lives, and now somebody is saying, you’re right, bring it in.

          • Does it really make much difference if our Air force is “Royal” when our police force has always been “Royal”? The Queen is a symbol in Canada, just as she is in Britain. She has NEVER interfered in their parliamentary decisions and she has no interest in interfering in ours. Given that Ms. Spence also wanted Mr. McGuinty and Laureen Harper to attend the meeting, I am not sure that she would have attended anyway as the National Post reported that McGuinty is away in China.

          • Well I guess it matters to Mrs. Spence and Mr. Harper!

          • I am not sure but Ms. Spence also kicked reporters from different newspapers off her island and her reserve. I think there is a little more going on than just the GG’s failure to accept an invitation to the meeting.

          • You ‘think’ a lot of silly things.

          • Are you saying Ms. Spence did not kick reporters from the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail off her island and out of her reservation yesterday?

          • Don’t misquote

            ‘ I think there is a little more going on than just the GG’s failure to accept an invitation to the meeting.’

          • “Don’t misquote”

            Now that’s hilarious, coming from you!

          • You’re right – Ms. Spence and co are mad as hell. Now we have to wonder, why? Why would they not trust Mr. Harper to keep up with commitments made by the government of Canada towards First Nations? Any idea?

          • Lorraine, I do have an idea. I believe that Ms. Spence is shocked that reporters are looking at her books and video of an interview with CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault and asking her to explain why she hasn’t been more diligent in making use of the resources that have been placed in her care.
            She is focused completely on the government’s failures and hasn’t looked at any of her own in her community. Do you spend close to $100K on a Zamboni when you have 6 brand new houses sitting empty for close to 2 years, needing only money to finish the inside work on them while families livie in tents in the freezing cold? Do you leave boxes of brand-new heaters and sleeping bags & warm winter coats unpacked when people are freezing in tents because not enough community volunteers have come forth to unpack them? You are paying band members to work for you. What are they doing that is more important?
            I am not sure Lorraine that this is all about Ms. Spence and co’s anger over Harper or if it isn’t about their total incomprehension that they need to accept some of the responsibility for what has happened in their own community.

          • Lots of things used to be ‘royal’….that changed over the years.

            60 years of hard work, and you’ve explained the Queen as a lay-about!

            Stop before you make an utter ass of yourself….you are a mm away from doing so.

          • I didn’t call her a “lay-about”, I called her a shrewd woman who knows not to overstep her authority. My guess is you didn’t watch the movie depicting the days after Diana’s death and the Queen’s interactions with Tony Blair.

          • YOU WATCHED A MOVIE???


          • Yes, based on book written by Tony Blair after he retired as PM.

            Are you choking? Can we call 911 for you?

          • LOL yeah riiiight.

          • Well the movie is either based on Tony’s description of his first meeting with the Queen OR Tony based his description of his first meeting with the Queen on the movie. The description in his book, “A Journey” matches the movie exactly and only he and the Queen were there.

          • Well Tony didn’t reveal a private confidence of the queen…..and the queen certainly didn’t……

          • What do you mean, “Tony didn’t reveal a private confidence of the queen”, he wrote a book and quoted her in it. The point is that the quote matched the quote in the movie so did Tony talk to the script writer or did the script writer “magically” guess what the Queen said….”Mr. Blair, you’re my 11th Prime Minister. Winston was my first……

          • If Tony’s ass isn’t in prison….he wasn’t quoting her.

          • Tony says he didn’t steal the quote from the script and the script writer says he came up with the quote all on his own….. Nevertheless, the quote is in Tony’s memoirs so the Queen cannot be bothered by it AND “his ass isn’t in prison”.

          • So as I said all those posts ago….it was not a genuine quote….because violating a confidence of the Queen gets you jail.

            Now if you want to argue on about the difference between a movie and a documentary…..be my guest. I’m off to dinner.

          • So you are saying Tony Blair LIED in his memoirs?

          • Out of curiosity, what are some of the “lots” of things that used to be “royal” but changed over the years? Can you name a few?

          • Royal Mail, Royal Mint, Royal Museum….Red Ensign, thankfully the Royal Anthem….

            Words like ‘royal’, ‘dominion’ etc have slowly disappeared over the years….Dief used to raise hell about it.

          • Unortunately for you goofball, things are changing back.

            The Royal Canadian Air Force and The Royal Canadian Navy are both waiting out there for you to enlist.

            You won’t get in though Emily, I don’t think you’ll pass the physical. Didn’t you pick up a bit of free gender change surgery the last time you were in jail?

            By the way, Elmo, er Emily how come the Chief got herself nailed so bad by Deloitte? You don’t suppose do you that any of that missing money could have gone to buy illegal weapons?

          • This is one silly argument.

          • Oh Claudia we cannot let the silliness of the subject stop the arguing can we? To add to all his MANY sins, Stephen Harper likes to hang pictures of Queen Elizabeth II and call things “Royal”…..how dastardly!

          • Yes, it is.

            Why are you and your Con buddies making it?

          • Maybe that is because JC never met with Ms. Spence. I am sure she would have loved to meet with him and the Queen or the GG but Ms. Spence was only a Deputy Chief when JC was PM.

  6. I’m glad she won’t be showing up. Clearly compromise is out of the question with Spence. Which makes it pretty clear how any “negotiations” with her would have gone.

    Now that the children won’t be attending, perhaps the grown-ups can make some progress on issues without being distracted by the loud fishy-smelling lady in the corner.

  7. Canada’s policy is a systematic, planned genocide against the aboriginal population. But the tools of implementation are diametrically different than one could think.

    Parasitism or getting everything for free is the ultimate genocidal tool against the aboriginal people. Both the Canadian government and First Nation Chiefs have been using this tool for decades under the cover of treaties.

    The result is a rampant and massive unemployment. Doing nothing is a major factor for depression, leading to alcohol and substance abuse that deepens the depression even further. Not working is addictive and soul rotting. It becomes a cycle, a loop, a cause for
    the entire first nation degradation.

    There is only one way to resolve the problem. All levels of Canadian government MUST STOP the GIVING right away. All levels of Canadian government MUST STOP the GENOCIDE under the cover of financial aid, or subsidies, or else. Genocide in any form is a crime.

    Chiefs of First Nations, stop accepting the financial assistance in any shape or form. You are killing your own people. You are slowly but surely exterminating the nation with your own hands!

    Idle No More is a perfect slogan for the aboriginal people. Yes, stop idling. Stop being a
    parasite, go get a job!

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