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Spring break is over


The House doesn’t reconvene until Monday, but the public accounts committee will meet this afternoon to, presumably, launch its study of the F-35 procurement. The committee won’t hear from witnesses today, but might settle on a list of witnesses it wishes to hear from. The Liberals have identified ten individuals they’d like to hear from:

Michael Ferguson, Auditor General of Canada
Kevin Page, Parliamentary Budget Officer
Dan Ross, Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel)
LGen J.P.A. Deschamps, Chief of the Air Staff
Michael J. Slack, F-35 Project Manager, Director of Continental Materiel Cooperation
Col D.C. Burt, Director, New Generation Fighter Capability
Tom Ring, Assistant Deputy Minister, Acquisitions Branch
Johanne Provencher, Director General, Defence and Major Projects Directorate
Richard Dicerni, Deputy Minister, Industry
Craig Morris, Deputy Director, F-35 Industrial Participation

For your study, Amy Minsky has assembled some of the paper trail. You can review all of our coverage here.


Spring break is over

  1. Wherry  I know you think it is but It’s not actually your job to carry water for the Libs. 

    • Well, who will carry Liberal water if he doesn`t ?
      Even Coyne seems to be laughing at the recent rumors that Liberals are attempting to push Mark Carney as their new Saviour.
      Coyne`s article should be required reading for all Liberals including Wherry. 
      Talk amongst yourselves.

      • Operation ‘Change the Channel’ in progress. 

        • I would not say Liberals have changed the Channel.
          They are still on the Saviour Channel. Some of the tired old shows have been discontinued but they will try to roll out some knew programming.
          But Mark Carney—c`mon, he is way too sensible to have anything to do with you guys. Maybe Art Carney……

          • F 35 committee meeting.  Get our your ‘best, only plane’ talking points because that is the subject.