Stephen Harper lectures the world


The Prime Minister calls on Europe and the G20 to get their respective and collective houses in order.

Events in the summer of 2011 have made it clear that global economic challenges are by no means behind us. What started as a sovereign debt crisis in smaller countries in Europe has now spread, causing extreme stress in the European financial sector and threatening global growth. Unfortunately, this time, the policy response to our shared challenges has not been as strong and co-ordinated as it needs to be. This slow response has resulted in missed opportunities, with each missed opportunity increasing the cost and difficulty of resolving the crisis.

We cannot afford any more missed opportunities.

Last month, Scott Clark and Peter DeVries noted that Mr. Harper was among those leaders calling on “surplus” countries “to increase their expansion of domestic demand” and thus wondered whether the Prime Minister was willing to participate in a global stimulus package (to the tune of $41 billion).


Stephen Harper lectures the world

  1. Did he start of his speech by saying, “My friends, let me be perfectly clear …”

    Also, did he take a drink from a glass of water while simultaneously smiling a sh*t-eating grin and saying he wouldn’t raise taxes?

    • Did he his use his favourite word, “obviously?”

      • He really reallly means it when he prefaces obviously with…Look, obviously…usually it isn’t obvious to anyone but him…

        …and you know when he’s seriously lying when he uses…frankly..

        • That’s pretty funny. Thanks, I needed that.

    • Or how about mentioning all the great buying opportunities that are out there for, uh, well, uh, people who still have money I guess.

      • Canada should buy Greece!  Problem solved.  Let’s get Harper on the phone so he can take advantage of this buying opportunity.

  2. LOL the sheer chutzpah of the man…!

    And is he prepared to support the legal changes necessary to remedy the global economy?

    Doubters….he isn’t even aware of what’s required.

    As recently as a month ago, Flaherty was assuring us there’d be no ‘second recession’.

    • Perhaps during his lecture, Steve said something like, “If there were going to be a second recession there would have been one by now …” or words to that effect.

      • Still looking for those ‘green shoots’ no doubt. LOL

  3. Did Steve accuse economists and other governments of “talking down” the world economy?

    Did he say that instability was being caused by coaltion governments in places like the U.K. and Israel?

    Ooh, this is fun!

  4. I am almost certain that somewhere in his lecture he said:

    “Thanks to the strong fiscal situation with which the former Liberal government left the budget our Conservative government was able to keep spending growing at greater than inflation and cut a consumption tax which has caused us to have a structural defict (even though we don’t admit it).

    I also want to congratulate the former Liberal government for ignoring my calls to make our banking system more like the one in the States.  This has allowed me go on and on and on and on about how our banks are in such a strong, stable position.”

    It’s almost too easy ….

  5. I wonder how much of this Harper believes himself. I assume Harper would be supporter of Reinhart/Rogoff theories on debt for cause of financial crisis over past four years but that’s not impression I get from his Globe editorial. 

    Other than Germany, large European countries are basically bankrupt. No money, no production, huge debts – there is no possible plan that is going to fix Europe any time soon. Europeans widely overspent past 10 yrs and now they have to start paying off their excesses. 

  6. How is it that they can have a G20 conference in Paris without creating a major confrontation and directing the police to attack the citizens?  Canada has proven that is not possible. Our meek Canadian government under Harper takes every opportunity to abuse the masses.  More prisons, more inmates, more freedom for the hyper-rich.

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