Stephen Harper seems to have read that Justin Trudeau op-ed -

Stephen Harper seems to have read that Justin Trudeau op-ed


The Prime Minister does not often bother with any questions beyond the initial opposition leaders’ rounds. Today though, after Bob Rae had finished his three questions, Mr. Harper stood to respond to a query from the NDP’s Peter Julian. But he did so not just to respond to the official opposition (emphasis mine).

Peter Julian: Mr. Speaker, today Canadians found out through anonymous leaks that CNOOC has agreed to meet the federal government’s request. What request? This is the first time Canadians have heard of any request coming from the federal government on CNOOC. The government refuses to be transparent, refuses to be accountable, refuses to have respect for Canadians, so what is the government respecting of CNOOC and why is it doing it in secret? Why is it doing it behind closed doors?

Stephen Harper: Mr. Speaker, let me just address that very briefly. The Minister of Industry has been very clear. The government’s policy on these matters, while we welcome foreign investment, is to scrutinize every individual foreign investment to make sure they are in the bests interests of this country. On the one hand, the position of the NDP, as we know, is to be against all of these investments. The position of the Liberal Party, as reiterated yesterday, is to rubber-stamp every single one of them. We think Canadians expect us to examine these investments carefully and make sure they are in the best interests of Canada.

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Stephen Harper seems to have read that Justin Trudeau op-ed

  1. ‘has been very clear’

    Cons repeat that phrase a lot, and about everything. It actually means ‘clear as mud’.

    • Whenever Harper says, “let me be clear” you can confidently predict that the words that follow are a lie.

      • Yeah, sort of a weird warning. I dunno…but you’d think they’d get rid of the telltale speech habits!

        • I’ve heard Obama say this often to open a statement but whenever he has done it it’s always a very straight forward point of clarification or refutation, not weasel words, as in Harper’s usage.

          • Agreed….and I don’t know why Cons so badly misuse the phrase.

          • Reminds me of Ernie Eves, Harrisite Common Sense Revolutionary and erstwhile premier of Ontario, who prefaced almost every public utterance with, “frankly”.

            Frankly, after listening to him for about 5 minutes, my head wanted to explode.

          • Heh…the kind of phrase that made me sink my fingernails into the coffee table

  2. It is being done behind closed doors because that is the law, as it was written by previous Liberal governments.

    • Care to elaborate? The Investment Canada Act was passed and became law in 1985 – on Brian Mulroney’s watch.

  3. So it’s official now is it? The new con strategy is to to only quote the bits of their political opponents statements that they think are relevant. Harper didn’t even likely didn’t bother reading the bit where Trudeau qualified his remarks.

    Orwell must be rolling uncomfortably in his grave right about now.

    • Surely you meant to type “useful” rather than “relevant”