Stephen Harper vs. Homer Simpson

So this happened on Twitter this afternoon.

First, the Prime Minister (or whoever handles the Prime Minister’s Twitter account) tweeted.

Mayans were wrong. I guess I should start Christmas shopping…

Then, Homer Simpson tweeted something similar.

Oh man I have so Christmas shopping to do. Thanks a lot, Mayans!

Then, Homer Simpson tweeted to the Prime Minister.

.@PMHarper I see great minds think alike. And I, too, like my bacon super thick and bun-sized!

And then the Prime Minister tweeted in response.

@HomerJSimpson Mmm… bacon. …


Stephen Harper vs. Homer Simpson

  1. Hey Aaron, I heard there was some kind of native protest going on in Ottawa today.

    • I see John Geddes has now posted a piece on native protest.

  2. :)

  3. mmmm….bacon.

  4. Kind of tasteless to Tweet about how tasty bacon is when there is an aboriginal chief in Ottawa currently on day 11 of a hunger strike. Her demand? A meeting with Harper to discuss aboriginal living conditions.

    • They should have tweeted about Whores instead and followed the Pat Martin playbook….only yesterday it was apparently “acceptable” to make these types of tweets – at least according to some. Funny how only a day later a tweet about bacon is now some sort of tasteless outrage……

      • Tweeting about whores is always tasteless. (The preferred term is ‘sex-trade worker.’) Tweeting about tasty, tasty bacon in and of itself is not tasteless. What’s tasteless is doing so while someone is on a hunger strike to get your attention.

  5. I adore Aaron Wherry, but I am truly bewildered that we keep reading articles about what someone said on Twitter.

    • It’s important. Twitter reveals a lot about what goes on in the Big Mind, and individual minds therein.

      • That’s just the thing, Susan: anything that’s important isn’t said in a throwaway, 140 character statement. There’s no room for actual discussion, just throwaways. Mostly I see retweets of the famous, and people sharing articles they found elsewhere, usually satirical. But there’s no substance. I crave substance.

  6. That’s really quite weird. Something someone with a twisted sense of humour would do.

    • Your comment says more about your lack of sense of humor than anything else.

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