Stephen Harper vs. Homer Simpson -

Stephen Harper vs. Homer Simpson

Maclean’s Archives: The PM edits his Twitter account


Traffic to our website suggests renewed interest in this post from our archives.

Why? Seems the AFP is reporting that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stopped following Homer Simpson, fictional star of the animated TV series. The move follows a holiday-weekend post on that considered who the PM follows on Twitter. Homer Simpson was on the list — now he’s not. Now you are up to date.

Here’s our file on Homer and Harper from Dec. 21, 2012: 

So this happened on Twitter this afternoon.

First, the Prime Minister (or whoever handles the Prime Minister’s Twitter account) tweeted.

Mayans were wrong. I guess I should start Christmas shopping…

Then, Homer Simpson tweeted something similar.

Oh man I have so Christmas shopping to do. Thanks a lot, Mayans!

Then, Homer Simpson tweeted to the Prime Minister.

.@PMHarper I see great minds think alike. And I, too, like my bacon super thick and bun-sized!

And then the Prime Minister tweeted in response.

@HomerJSimpson Mmm… bacon.


Stephen Harper vs. Homer Simpson

  1. Hey Aaron, I heard there was some kind of native protest going on in Ottawa today.

    • I see John Geddes has now posted a piece on native protest.

  2. :)

  3. mmmm….bacon.

  4. Kind of tasteless to Tweet about how tasty bacon is when there is an aboriginal chief in Ottawa currently on day 11 of a hunger strike. Her demand? A meeting with Harper to discuss aboriginal living conditions.

    • They should have tweeted about Whores instead and followed the Pat Martin playbook….only yesterday it was apparently “acceptable” to make these types of tweets – at least according to some. Funny how only a day later a tweet about bacon is now some sort of tasteless outrage……

      • Tweeting about whores is always tasteless. (The preferred term is ‘sex-trade worker.’) Tweeting about tasty, tasty bacon in and of itself is not tasteless. What’s tasteless is doing so while someone is on a hunger strike to get your attention.

  5. I adore Aaron Wherry, but I am truly bewildered that we keep reading articles about what someone said on Twitter.

    • It’s important. Twitter reveals a lot about what goes on in the Big Mind, and individual minds therein.

      • That’s just the thing, Susan: anything that’s important isn’t said in a throwaway, 140 character statement. There’s no room for actual discussion, just throwaways. Mostly I see retweets of the famous, and people sharing articles they found elsewhere, usually satirical. But there’s no substance. I crave substance.

  6. That’s really quite weird. Something someone with a twisted sense of humour would do.

    • Your comment says more about your lack of sense of humor than anything else.