Stephen the Builder


Short excerpt from the pool report for the Prime Minister’s latest photo op.

Day Two of Harper’s construction-site tour consists of the prime minister and John Baird greeting and chatting with about a dozen construction workers at what would ordinarily be the vehicle entrance to the congress centre property…

Following the previous day’s drama involving the nail gun, photographers lobbied PMO officials — with no success — to have the prime minister play with the hydraulic shovel.


Stephen the Builder

  1. Stephen Harper: Not Shovel-Ready.

    • LOL.

  2. How about a trip to Possum Lodge with them delivering a gross of duct tape (a handyman’s equivalent to a Jos and Louis cake)

  3. Maybe he was nervous after all being on probation and all must be making him shake in his boots.

  4. Stephen Harper: Not Shovel-Ready.

    Are you loving the term “shovel-ready” as much as I am? It’s what tout le monde is saying. I just hope some intemperate, unstylish blogger doesn’t get a hold of it soon.

  5. Maybe he’s getting smarter? He came up North here and had a nice photo-op driving a dog team. Unfortunately for him [ maybe fortunately too] the local paper interviewed the driver who said that Steve fell down rather quickly and got some snow in his mitts and was forced to retire.
    Stephen harper – not a sleider!