Strombo v. Galloway


The Georges talk tonight—via satellite—on the Hour. Quick preview below.

[wpvideo ILcvrYrN]


Strombo v. Galloway

  1. Strombo is channeling Mel Blanc.

  2. Ha, Galloway makes it into Canada, via CBC. How appropriate.

        • Eghads, now you bring in Mallick, that’s going to rile em.

          “and what a fertile fierce eccentric mind it is.”

          Indeed, I am mostly though the Galloway/Hitchens Debate… he (George) is a great orator.

          • I’m sure glad our immigration officials have barred Galloway from coming into the country. Now so many more people will be tuned into what Galloway has to say for himself. Nothing of substance, and hopefully the Canadians will realize this en masse. The sooner the better. Why let the man and his ideas fester underground. Let it all come in the open and expose him for what he is: an attention seeker.

            Our government has given Galloway all the attention he craves and now, can we move on?

          • I’d never heard of the guy, and now I have — listened to a couple of long interviews, rewatched the Hitchens / Galloway debate (knowing who the Scot was this time) — and I have to say I think he’s the most eloquent defender of his POV I’ve seen. Quite impressive. Sure, he’s a publicity hound, but what politician isn’t?

          • Jack, did you watch Galloway’s broadcast tonight? Wonder what your take is on that one.

          • @Francien — Nope, missed it. Got a link?

          • JM
            I;m with you on Galoway. He’s an outrageous publicity hound, that a govt more secure and less paranoid than ours should be able to laugh off. Still he’s an impressive debater – i think he’d kick the butt of anyone in our govt. Do you have a link to the Galloway/Hitchins debates, i can’t believe they didnt end ina brawl – Hitchens being every bit as opinionated and flamboyant as Galloway.

          • @kc — It’s quite long, several parts to it on YouTube. Many a zinger!

          • No hairpiece, I sport the “Full Andrew Potter”, the urban toupee.

        • Ha, Mallick gets the very first sentence wrong in her article:

          “The bold, relentless, in-your-face-and up-your-nose, five-times-elected British MP George Galloway is a Scot.”

          Skank, he’s an Irishman, it’s really obvious and the difference matters immensely over there, his flow should have tipped you off, from wiki:

          “Galloway was born in Dundee, Scotland, grew up in a Irish Catholic household, and was a keen amateur boxer.”

          Scots are too busy polishing pennies to develop that level of rhetorical genius. I’m not saying anything either Shaw or Robertson Davies or Darwin didn’t say, the Irishman’s brogue is bred in the bone, not a matter of geography.

          • He has a Scottish accent, you idiot fine fellow.

          • I was born a Scot, my father’s a Scot. Galloway has a broad Scots burr.

          • “I was born a Scot”

            Ah, that explains the orneriness. Your Scottish Terrier became a Canadian Terrier, then? We’re all Darwinists here, yes? Genetic determinists, as per best available science?

          • “We’re all Darwinists here, yes? Genetic determinists, as per best available science?”

            Well, Darwinists aren’t genetic determinists, but, yes, you were saying?

          • I don’t have a link at the moment but in the States belief in genetic determinism is negatively correlated with level of university completed, with only 2.5% or so PhDs believing in it, or admitting it publicly, I should say, despite it being a slam dunk case and more exciting science supporting it becoming available every day.

            Parenthetically, the banality of a Canadian political conversation is a function of the net worth of the individuals involved, the more they have to lose by a slip of the tongue the deeper the puddle of flopsweat surrounding them.

            It is said that the greatest story ever told is right in our DNA, I wish I could get you and your comrades to join me in the non-fiction world, it’s very groovy. Take Galloway, whose heritage is from a country with an IQ of 91. That’s pretty low. They make up for it in many ways, however, such as a strong sense of justice, famous hospitality, and of course eloquence, hints of Proto-Indo-European styling such as triple alliteration apparent in Galloway’s delivery.

            Che was half Irish, mother’s maiden name Lynch. See, he was the only guy on the friggin’ South American continent who would show up for the meetings on time so they made him subcommandante, that’s the genetic determinist’s interpretation of history.

          • You really have a gift for assembling non sequiturs.

          • The puddle of flopsweat itself is interesting; while the totality of its acreage can be determined by proximity to the GTA, surface tension, being dependent on flopsweat temperature, makes volume calculations difficult.

            Now, the history of the cow is the history of mankind, as Irishman Raymond Crotty’s When Histories Collide: The Development and Impact of Individualistic Capitalism shows us, but that’s another topic.

          • I think that was your best comment yet.

          • No need for coffee this morning, the promise of a new day battling liberals is enough to warm my heart and strengthen my resolve.

          • Showered too. No shave though, thinking of a George MichaelGeorge Galloway beard, better to infiltrate liberal gatherings and such.

          • Aha! Good plan. I would also suggest losing the hairpiece.

          • No hairpiece, I sport the “Full Andrew Potter”, the urban toupee.

          • *headdesk*
            So, by your logic, the Irish Catholic enclaves in Toronto, many of whom have never even been to Ireland- they aren’t Canadian?
            He’s a Scot. Born in Scotland and raised.
            If you want to recognize his heritage, the most you could get is Irish-Scottish, but I’ve noticed that the Europeans don’t share our mania for hyphens.

  3. What a shallow man!

    Whereas any grade six student would be able to counter Galloway’s so-called arguments, within his diatribe he challenged Harper or Kenney into a debate? What a joke.

    Galloway is right on one thing (although he doesn’t seem to realize it yet, but soon, soon…..): democracies indeed will elect their own governments, and if the goverment of Canada decides it will not support Hamas politically or finacially, then so be it, right Georgy boy?

    Here at the U of A where I attended the Gallaway broadcast, the connection was disrupted for a while and the first response from the audience was (seriously!) that the federal government had ‘cut off the broadcast”. I mentioned it might help if the people in attendence wouldn’t be so paranoid, but that was met by eyes shooting fire.

    Oh, and the 9/11-denier crowd was well represented also. From a certain angle it almost looked like a comedy hour doing rehearsals. Can’t wait for the real show to start.

  4. Darn it, I missed it, and I have dial-up… anyone care to recap?

    • About 40 people watched the Galloway feed at the U of R in Regina, SK.

      Some people agreed with some of the things he had to say. Others disagreed with some of his points.

      Everyone laughed together, however, at the Conservative claim he poses a national security risk to Canada.

  5. “Have we forgotten also that this country was largely built by 19th century Scots, those champions of banking and public schools.”

    Is that a question or a statement, Heather? Traditionally, in Canada, we put a question mark at the end of an interrogative sentence, even the rhetorical ones. I guess passive aggressiveness is mainstreamed to the point where they don’t even bother with the question mark anymore, an annoying innovation I could do without.

    Her logic is solid though: once upon a time two centuries ago Scots built some stuff here, therefore we should let Galloway in. Bulletproof, that.

  6. They really should bring out Rex Murphy for interviews of this stature. Call me crazy, but a MuchMusic veejay whose audience for years was twelve year old girls lacks the gravitas to engage Galloway.

    • Okay. conservative, you’re crazy (and not because you’re conservative/Conservative either).

  7. Was interesting to watch Galloway put Strombo in his place at the suggestion that Galloway’s pro-Muslim stance is because he represents a constituency with a heavy Muslim population.

    Was disappointed that Strombo did not give Galloway a chance to clear the air on whether his speech in Toronto was intended to raise funds for Hamas, as has been suggested. He also didn’t challenge Galloway’s assertion that Canada considers him a terrorist. That has never been suggested, and such rhetoric should not have gone unchallenged. No-one suggested that Denis Coderre was a terrorist when he marched in support of Hezbollah.

    But other than that, I think both Strombo and Galloway handled themselves well. Galloway is an excellent orator and defender of his position, misguided though I think it is, and the few times I’ve bothered to watch the Hour Strombo has been a pleasant surprise.

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