Strombo v. Prentice


George goes perhaps a bit easy on the Environment Minister—no mention of that rather damning report from the environment commissioner—but we do learn that Mr. Prentice absolutely loves to take out the recycling.

If you’re looking to make things a bit more interesting, turn it into a drinking game and take a shot every time the Minister mentions the American president.


Strombo v. Prentice

  1. AFP is reporting that U.S. Energy Secretary Chu is floating the idea of a carbon tax. At last, Dion may be vindicated.

  2. If anyone and I mean anyone seriously entertains the idea that Obama is going to put any new tax into play right now ! More than likely his people are going off message or just as likely a trial baloon as it were to inoculate the media for the future in a few years or so where they might want re-evaluate. At this time though it would be the stupidest thing Obama could do ask Dion!

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