Summer break


This blog is taking the next two weeks off.

And on that note, a note of thanks. Readership numbers have been incredible through the first seven months of the year and we’re well on pace to best last year’s record. I am, as always, humbled and incredibly thankful. And I’m excited about the fall. We’re hoping to add several kinds of bells and at least three varieties of whistles to our political coverage here at Macleans.ca and, in the months ahead, the result should be even better, deeper, coverage of Parliament Hill and all the issues and debates that revolve around it.

See you in two weeks.

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Summer break

  1. Well we know you won’t be able to resist if anything significant happens, but in the meantime enojoy yourself!

  2. You’ve become a “blog”? Must be too many pipe dreams.

  3. Thanks for the great work, Aaron. Enjoy your time off.

  4. Have good hols Wherry – hope there is lots of sunshine and craic.

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