Suspicious package -

Suspicious package


The headquarters of the Conservative party in downtown Ottawa seems to have received a package containing a severed human foot.

Here is the official police news release.

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Suspicious package

  1. Mmmmkay…..a new version of a horses head in your bed?

    • Could be connected to the torso just found in a Montreal suburb.

      • Well… not any more! That would be quite a … stretch! (Sorry – couldn’t resist!)

  2. Yeesh…

    This is a sample of what’s been in the news the last 24-48 hours.

    1) Severed foot sent to CPC HQ
    2) Cannibal shot and killed in South Beach, Florida after eating 75% of his victim’s face
    3) Man stabs himself 8 times, and throws his own intestines at police

    That settles it. I’m declaring the zombie apocalypse officially begun.

  3. “Hey Harper, this is what happens to snitches” – Pierre Poutine

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, Canada’s Progressive Left!

    • How do you know if it was a left foot?

    • Epic comment. That one is right up there with the guy who complained that he couldn’t vote for Ignatieff because he didn’t have a Canada flag pin on his lapel in the english leader’s debate.

      • If he had thrown in a comment about muslims it would have been truly one for the ages.

      • Typical Rick- toeing the party line; he’s such a toedy

    • Just as likely, it’s a Conservative backbencher who tried to stand up to Harper.

      • Or what’s left after a good chewing out…

      • Or chewed his way out of his leg-hold trap. Keep an eye out for a Con caucus member with a limp and speaking freely.

    • Just trying to help the Cons figure out what’s afoot.

  5. I don’t care what his dispute with the conservatives is, I’d argue the sender doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    • Oh, he’s got the leg, but his argument won’t be presented in a way that’s fair and balanced; it’s definitely going to lean one way or the other….

  6. Clearly someone wanted to get a foot in the door….

    h/t Roger Sterling.

  7. This one has me stumped.

  8. I feel for the poor staffer who opened the package. Nobody deserves this kind of thing.