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‘Take it from me’


Jim Prentice raises concerns about pipeline development on the West Coast.

The Calgary native told his hometown audience that Ottawa’s neglect of the aboriginal relations could doom proposed oil pipelines, including Enbridge Inc.’s Northern Gateway project and Kinder Morgan Inc.’s TransMountain pipeline expansion.

“The obligation to consult with and accommodate first nations … these are responsibilities of the federal government,” said Mr. Prentice, who held posts as minister of Indian affairs, industry, and environment before leaving government in 2010. “And take it from me as a former minister and former co-chair of the Indian Claims Commission of Canada, there will be no way forward on West Coast access without the central participation of the first nations of British Columbia.”


‘Take it from me’

  1. Too late Mr Prentice. Whatever window of opportunity of goodwill [ particularly with west coast FNs] is now firmly closed. Disrespect is a cardinal sin in FN’s communities. They should have sent someone like you in there long ago. Instead the Calgary wide boys thought they could steam roll BC FNs, the way the oil patch has whenever it had to in AB. They didn’t do their homework ; BC is a very different place.There consultation is not regarded as an empty concept among FNs, even if it often has been in the past. Far as i can make out the Calgary boys still aren’t listening, much less the federal govt. This govt and this industry is simply philosophically opposed to the next step – real accomodation, which basically means the right to say no, and mean no, when all is said and done. These guys are on the wrong side of history.