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Taking MP attendance

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Glen McGregor helpfully compiles the voting attendance figures for MPs this session.

These numbers are complicated somewhat by the two omnibus budget bills and the vote marathons those bills were subject to.

Liberal MPs Stephane Dion and Sean Casey, for instance, were away from the House when voting at report stage took place for C-38. In being away that day, they each missed 156 votes. Some of the other MPs who show up with a lot of absences this session—Maria Mourani, Jim Karygiannis, Irwin Cotler—also missed a large number of those C-38 votes.

Anyone who was away for the voting on C-45, would have skipped 47 votes in doing so. I believe Justin Trudeau missed all of those.

(One other factor: the NDP leadership race. Among the most absent are six New Democrats who ran in that leadership campaign.)

Update 1:49pm. I’m told that Mr. Casey missed those C-38 votes because he was undergoing surgery in Prince Edward Island.


Taking MP attendance

  1. Committee meeting minutes are another way to look at MP attendance.

    When those minutes show an MP did not attend a meeting, social media is a good place to look for the reason.

    HESA minutes showed me that my MP, Patrick Brown (Barrie), did not attend meetings on January 31, 2013 and February 7, 2013.

    With the help of Twitter, I was able to determine that he was at Wayne Gretzky’s hockey fantasy camp in Las Vegas on the 31st and at the World Pond Hockey Championship in New Brunswick on the 7th.

  2. The House sits five days a week. On average, on how many of those days are there votes? Because voting doesn’t equate to total attendance.