Taking part in a demonstration of fine European hospitality


The Canadian Taxpayers Federation wants the Defence Minister to explain his choice of accommodations in Europe.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay charged taxpayers $2,904 for a two-night stay at the luxurious Bayerischer Hof when he went to a security conference in Munich, Germany in February of 2010. MacKay arrived in Munich after attending an informal meeting of NATO defence ministers in Turkey, where he billed taxpayers $2,310 for a three-night stay at Istanbul’s Ceylon Intercontinental Hotel. At $1,452 and $770 a night respectively, these room tabs go far beyond what most taxpayers would consider reasonable.

In Munich, MacKay’s staff stayed at the Munich Park Hilton, an eight-minute cab ride away, for $239 a night. In Istanbul, MacKay’s staff stayed in the same hotel, but paid  $276 per night.


Taking part in a demonstration of fine European hospitality

  1. Peter is entitled to his entitlements.

    And don’t expect an apology.

    • Damn! Beat me to it!

  2. Wait.. the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is coming out against the CPC now?

    I find myself thinking about what it means when rodents leave a sea-vessel.

  3. CTF. L’il MacKay. Which is the more unsympathetic entity ?
    I dunno.

  4. C’mon, at least he wasn’t ferried there by a search-and-rescue ‘copter……was he??

    • It is ‘very routine’.

  5. If Peter MacKay requires a higher-end hotel suite to suit his tastes, that’s fine.  But pay for the upgrade yourself.  After all, if you’ve become accustomed to the finer things because WE’ve been paying it for you, you’re going to have a real problem when we kick your ass to the curb, aren’t you?

  6. Peter, Peter,

    Foie Gras eater….

    • …had five fiancees
      but couldn’t keep ’em.

      • LOL very true.

  7. On a bit of a separate issue, I get why he was in Istanbul, on that NATO meeting and all, but why was he in Munich for two days? 

    ‘Frommer’s travel guide lists the Bayerischer Hof first in its section of “very expensive” hotels in Central Munich. Fodor’s Travel Intelligence claims that that “King Ludwig I of Bavaria paid regular visits to take a royal bath,” there.’

    Hey, when in Europe, you party like a 19th Century nobleman. Goes without saying. Mind your own beeswax, CTF.

    • Not just a 19th Century nobleman, but a ‘mad’ 19th Century nobleman with a fondness for “extravagant fantasy castles and palaces”. Bonus points: Wagner’s patron (Ludwig II, not McKay).

  8. The Peter Principle and the Royal Defense Minister, hoisted on his own petard !

    • More like Unprincipled Peter.

  9. Perhaps his close personal friend Karl Heinz could chip in ?

    • To be fair Karlheinz Schreiber was more of a close friend to Peter’s Dad, Elmer. 
      But it is safe to say that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and that it was rotten.

      • Bonus points for a fresh use of the apple saying, after the Conbots kept repeating it mindlessly yesterday about Justin Trudeau’s accurate remark in the HoC.

  10. He sold his party to Harper for a price. This is the price to us the poor taxpayers.

  11. Quick rule of thumb:  If you’re a Minister of the Crown overseas on business and the hotel room you’re staying in costs more than FIVE TIMES as much as the rooms your staff are staying in, that’s a problem.

    • Careful, LKO, or he’ll just upgrade the staffers. 

  12. I think that hard-working Canadians should all be grateful for the excellent work our Minister of Defence has done for us. That’s nothing compared to the F-35s that he managed to get us at such a bargain price.  

  13. Cut the man some slack. The 2nd tier sedan chair he was obligated to use was hoisted by dwarfs.

  14. Hey, SOMEONE has to do something about this European financial crisis…

  15. Some porn and fellatio, it all adds up, don’t you know?

  16. According to the Treasury Board’s own guidelines here, the reasonable rate people travelling on government business should accept in Munich is $284/night.

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