‘Taxes, taxes and more taxes’


A new radio ad from the Conservative party.

Here again is a rough guide to the Conservatives’ carbon tax farce.


‘Taxes, taxes and more taxes’

  1. Ask Romney how his ‘Jeeps to be made in China’ comments worked out for him.
    It appears that people can accept some twisting, or better known as spinning of the truth, but out and out lies have a way of coming back to bite. Are they ever going to address the economy?; do they even know they have a majority; if they do, why these silly games?

    • Oh they have a majority – they know that all right – it’s just the fact there’s still an opposition on the other side of the house that still bothers them. Somehow that spoils everything…just not efficient i guess.

  2. Good grief, just who is that aimed at? Core cons will cry… more! encore! And core liberals will nod and grin [ doesn’t hurt their cause] But since i’m fairly sure core cons are already commited, what’s the point? Who’s the audience?
    But I guess once you have a good chunk of the electorate wedded to the concept that taxes are inherently evil it makes sense. But it is till preaching to the choir. Maybe they sense the public needs a reminder, particularly when the public may just be finally tiring of Harper’s relentless negativity? What choice do they have but to go negative, they have nothing else, so you might want to remind people the other guys are scary?
    My sense is the time for that to work is past. This ad wont have half or a quarter the punch of the Ignatieff/Dion ads. People may be broadly in favour or the economic direction touted by Harper, but they are getting heartily sick of the tactics.
    Poor poor Steve, just like the scorpion, he just doesn’t know any other way to be. He’s like a one trick pony, or a one note band leader.

    • Actually, I think it’s aimed directly at the softer CPC voters. Kinda a reminder that “sure, you don’t like us very much anymore.. but where ya gonna go?”

      • Hmmmm, and they’re just praying they don’t go hey, wait a minute, i wonder what this young Trudeau fellow is like? I wonder if Trudeau will be tempted to not embrace a price on carbon right now? Nah, that’s exactly the sought of thing Harper would have done in his place. I expect a lot more of Justin.

        • Oh, those’ll come. They just want to wait until after the leadership convention.. I expect they may still have sore fingers from when they got burned attacking Rae before he finally pulled out. Wouldn’t want to waste that kind of money on a non-starter again.

          • Somehow i don’t think he’s going to be as bad as his rotten dad is going to reverberate amongst the segment of the population that still cares.

  3. They must have evidence that lying works. Otherwise, why would they do it so persistently?

    • So far, lying has won them a majority from our fellow Canadians. It’s a winning strategy.

  4. Only in this case you actually can see the $ 21.5 BILLION in increased Carbon revenues in the NDP platform. It is a fact that those numbers exist in the NDP campaign platform. No matter how much Mulcair and media charlatans like Wherry try to cover up and hide from this fact it is in the NDP document and no amount of Wherry spin can change that.

    • The issue is CPC hypocrisy, or haven’t you caught on yet? Course you haven’t.

    • Have you got any figures regarding how much the sector by sector regulations will end up costing consumers?

      And of more interest would be a comparison of the cost effectiveness of the two plans. Personally, that is the kind of info that I’ll use to inform my next vote.

      Anything that you could do to get the government numbers would be appreciated.

  5. I am resigned to the fact that anything coming from the Conservative is a lie and find it hard to pay attention anymore. But I will vote against them when given a chance.

  6. Real classy CPC. Real classy.

    Just for fun, let’s create a Stupidity Index based on the recent US election. A president is elected for 4 years but campaigns for re-election for 2 years. Thankfully there is a 2 term limit on this nonsense.

    In Canada, we probably won’t have an election till 2015. This radio ad makes it a 3 year re-election campaign. A genuine American-style negative-ad campaign for the next 3 years! And apparently there are no term limits on this stupidity.

    That makes Canada at least 50% more stupid than the Americans, and maybe much, much more.

    Real classy CPC.

    • I’ve always disagreed with term limits. They prevent good leaders from continuing on, even if the population wants them to. I know the argument is that they prevent bad leaders from continuing on as well, but isn’t that what the elections are supposed to do?

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