Team Abolition -

Team Abolition

Brad Wall speaks in favour of abolishing the Senate


From debate yesterday in the Saskatchewan legislature, Premier Brad Wall explains why his government now supports abolishing the Senate.

The Saskatchewan government has also repealed its Senate elections legislation.


Team Abolition

  1. #askjustin How much are the Canadian media charging you to help cover up your incredibly sexist pandering?

    • The hashtag actually only works on Twitter, right?

  2. I agree. The Senate should have been abolished years ago.

    Should be a no-brainer for Cons that want a smaller govt.

    • Yeah the Cons could do something of worth after 7 years of complete incompetence. Why is it not surprising they choose not to? I guess they want to hold on to bad government for sentimental reasons…

      • Well if Harp wants a legacy….getting rid of the Senate would be a good one.

        • I think Harper has crunched the numbers. If he puts forward a referendum on getting rid of the senate, Canadians could end up rejecting it as a way of rejecting him. Then he ends up looking bad. I think Ireland recently had a referendum on getting rid of the senate and it turned into a rejection of the government and its agenda.

          So maybe now’s not the right time to pull the trigger unless Brad Wall can build momentum — or Harper is replaced as leader.

          Unfortunately the federal Liberals are married to the senate. Many people’s brains turn to mush when it comes to dealing with failed institutions. They mistake ignorance of the issue for moderation.

          • Agreed….and the Senate should be removed because it’s a useless body, not because of Duffy et al

            We will always have someone with cookie-jar tendencies even if it is elected.

            And I agree, some people will oppose any change to the Senate because of Harp

            I also agree about the Libs….of course it would work better if there were better people in it….everything would!….but overall it’s still a useless body.

    • If it weren’t for that pesky constitution!

      • The one you hate?

        Well it’s been amended before, and can be again.

        • How do I hate the constitution? You’re the one who’s saying it’s not good enough and needs to be changed.

          • Cons have campaigned against the constitution and the charter for years…..late start this am? Have a coffee

          • Not to worry. After Rick’s brain warms up a bit it’ll occur to him that he hates the charter and all it stands for. Just a bit inconvenient for him right now.

          • And once you have your 20th drink of the afternoon I’m sure you’ll realize that you hate freedom and believe that anybody who disagrees with you should be imprisoned indefinitely.


          • You see substance abuse problems with everyone except Rob Ford.

          • And you don’t see any substance abuse problems with Justin Trudeau even though he’s an admitted drug user. You’re point?

          • So is Harper. Lots of pics with him drinking beer. And yes, Rick, alcohol is a drug, not a health suplement.

          • Not at all Ricky. I’m pro charter…you’ll get a fair trial i promise. It’s all there in black and white. You just have to read it.
            If you want to have you views taken more seriously, i suggest you try holding and espousing them more consistently…and logically…and honestly…and…

          • LOL the mess in Ottawa….not to mention Toronto…. have freaked him out….he can’t even decide what to attack anymore!

          • What time of the day does his brain function because it’s certainly down in the evening?

          • Depends on if he’s gotten down to the depot at conbot central in time to rent one of the good ones. Poor Ricky seems to be always a bit late.

          • So let me get this straight. You want to alter the constitution, and that’s great. Anybody else who wants to alter the constitution is bad? Jesus, you’re stupidity gets worse every day.

          • Rick….the mess your party and dear leader are immersed in is addling your brain…..worse than usual that is…..take some vacation time till it blows over.

            Note: this could be awhile.

  3. Some people are claiming the senate was this wonderful institution of “second sober thought” before Harper came along. Pure hogwash.

    Let’s not forget one of the four corrupt senators caught with his hand in the cookie jar was Liberal Mac Harb. He was appointed to the senate by Chretien for working on his campaign. Harb kept a 0.01% stake in a house he never lived in to fraudulently claim housing expenses. Like all disgraced senators, he resigned before being forced out so he could collect his lucrative senate pension.

    Fact is, prime ministers have been shamelessly stacking the senate with their partisan friends for a long time.

    Senate a corrupt mess long before Harper

    • Yes, that’s why I couldn’t believe Harp only wanted to ‘reform’ the place… and all his tinkering has made an even bigger mess of it.

  4. I predict that the expression “Pander like you’re Brad Wall” will soon become common usage

    • His motto – Do it early and do it often.

  5. Good for Brad Wall. Now maybe if he could get his fellow premier’s onside, it might actually happen.

    • Nobody likes a showboater, Rick.

  6. Harper is a perfect example of why Canada needs a senate. Without it he could pass any legislation he wants and we’ve all seen what kind of person he is and what kind of legislation he and his crowd support. Yes to a reformed, honourable senate. No to a senate full of incompetent bagmen and bagwomen. There’s over thirty million people in Canada. Surely we could find better qualified people for our senate.

    • Harper…and every other PM …..has always been able to pass any legistlation he wants. The Senate can complain….it can send a bill back for a review by the MPs….but it can’t stop the bill from going through if the PM so chooses.

  7. I admire Brad Wall, but I do support the Senate. Lucky for Canada it won’t be abolished.