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Team Layton

The NDP leader has announced his shadow cabinet


The NDP leader has announced his shadow cabinet.

I count 19 new MPs (Peggy Nash and Francoise Boivin are newly elected, but not new to Parliament).

Possibly of note: the NDP have split Human Resources and Skills Development between six shadow ministers. Jean Crowder will be Diane Finley’s main counterpart, but Minister Finley will also have the attention of Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet (Skills), Marie-Claude Morin (Housing), Claude Patry (Employment Insurance), Manon Perreault (Disabilities) and Rathik Sitsabaiesan (Post-Secondary Education).


Team Layton

  1. Science, skills AND post-secondary education…great!

  2. Ruth Ellen Brosseau: shadow minister of document fraud. Just to keep Oda on her best behaviour.

  3. Someone should inform the NDP that Clement is no longer at Industry.

    • noticed that mistake too; clearly, they’re still not fit for government

  4. Pat Martin at Canadian Wheat Board is interesting. Conservatives won all but 3 seats in the province of Manitoba and 6 of 8 in Winnipeg, headquarters for the CWB. Ending single desk selling for wheat might be popular with large grain growers close to US markets but it won’t be popular with all farmers, particularly if the change happens without a vote by growers, and it won’t be popular in Winnipeg which could lose jobs.

  5. Wow, I just noticed that Megan Leslie is the new Critic for Environment and Nathan Culen is nowhere to be seen.  What’s up with that?

  6. Who cares? They will be as ineffective as ever. Always looking through the fence, except the fence is lower now.

  7. If it truly is Harper’s quest to destroy the Liberal Party of Canada, would it not be in his interest to see the NDP remain the second party in the House, and could not this be factored into the way the government approaches the opposition? I’ve always considered Harper to be a pretty calculating guy, but am I the one who’s being over-calculating at the moment?

  8. Smart move in NOT having Libby Davies as Foreign Affairs critic.  E.g., every time she’s opened her mouth up about the Middle East, she’d said stuff that makes moderates cringe.  She is on the way left flank of the NDP, yet she has significant seniority in the party.  It’s going to be interesting to see how things play out, with the NDP having so much more visibility and media time and attention now.

  9. Moving Linda Duncan away from Environment critic may help her avoid provoking some of her constituents who still think (a) that the oil sands need to be developed as quickly as possible with no regard for the environment and (b) that the election-time lies and distortions from the CPC about the NDs wanting to shut down the oil sands actually were true.  Also, matching Duncan against Duncan has a certain symmetry.