Ted Menzies will not be silenced


The lo-fi, but immensely helpful, HowdTheyVote.ca appears to have been updated through the current sitting of Parliament.

The most verbose member of parliament (aside from Speaker Peter Milliken) during fall’s abbreviated session? Ted Menzies, who, as parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Finance, has already managed an impressive 10,361 words.

Paul Szabo, Paul Crete and Jack Layton were the most talkative members of the Liberal, Bloc and New Democrat sides respectively.

Gordon O’Connor (chief government whip) and Rona Ambrose (Minister of Labour) have so far gotten by on a combined 122 words. Thirty-eight MPs, including Michael Ignatieff, have so far yet to speak.


Ted Menzies will not be silenced

  1. Thanks for sharing these extremely pointless statistics.

    • Oh, I don’t know about pointless. I think there’s a very sharp point on the statistic regarding the number of votes held, especially as it relates to all of the words that have been spoken so far.

  2. these conservative types can never have any fun, or take anything lightly.

  3. Thanks Wherry – Now I’ll be able to berate my local MP over everything she says!

    Here’s to accountable government!