Territorial marking


While Paul Dewar picks up key support in Manitoba, Brian Topp has won more endorsements in British Columbia.

Robin Sears rightly notes that caucus endorsements may not matter much in a one-member-one-vote system. It was pointed out to me today that it makes more sense to focus on who has endorsed which leader, rather than which leader has how many endorsements: in other words, that endorsements from those with organizational skills and assets could be most notable.

Alice Funke has a thorough review of the leadership race’s early days.


Territorial marking

  1. About a third of the NDP membeship in BC are from the Indo-Canadian community, and most of those are from Surrey. Getting Sims and Sandhu on board, as well as Adrian Dix’s organizers, means Topp can rely on a lot of those votes, in theory anyway.  Of course, when it comes to actually voting, people who are signed up in blocks, with no real attachment to the party involved (many NDP members in BC also have BC Liberal party memberships) don’t actually turn up to vote in proportion to their numbers.  Still, it is another sign of Mr. Topp’s organizational abilities.

  2. Ms. Funke’s overview is the best I’ve seen so far.

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