‘Thank god’


In an interview today, Vic Toews apparently noted that he has the power to keep Omar Khadr from returning to Canada for another seven years.

Conservative MP Kyle Seeback is apparently thankful.


‘Thank god’

  1. Well considering there will be an election in 2015 (as per the “law”) or 2016/2017 as per Stephen Harper “i make the rules” it is going to be interesting to see how Toews is going to accomplish this if (and hopefully when) his constituents decide to not re-elect him.

    Of course there is the off chance that there will not be an election until the Conservative numbers indicate there is a chance of winning so he may be right….yes I am indicating that I believe Stephen Harper would cancel or postpone an election if it looks like he is going to lose…he is that much of a lowlife and sociopath he would attempt it and really, with everything he has done and tried to do, is this not a distinct possibility?

    *I’m assuming Toews is working off the idea that as long as he is the Public Safety Minister he holds this so called ‘power’*

  2. The notion that Vic Toews could conceivably be a cabinet minister for another 7 years is TERRIFYING.

  3. Or Obama could just land Khadr in Ottawa

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