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‘That the House condemn the deeply disappointing actions of the Prime Minister’s Office…’

A new proposal from the Liberals


Here is the motion that the Liberals will compel the House to debate on Tuesday.

That, given the recent sworn statements by RCMP Corporal Greg Horton, which revealed that:

(i) on February 21, 2013, the Prime Minister’s Office had agreed that, with regard to Mike Duffy’s controversial expenses, the Conservative Party of Canada would “keep him whole on the repayment”;

(ii) on February 22, 2013, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff wanted to “speak to the PM before everything is considered final”;

(iii) later on February 22, 2013, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff confirmed “We are good to go from the PM once Ben has his confirmation from Payne.”;

(iv) an agreement was reached between Benjamin Perrin and Janice Payne, counsels for the Prime Minister and Mike Duffy;

(v) the amount to keep Mike Duffy whole was calculated to be higher than first determined, requiring a changed source of funds from the Conservative Party to Nigel Wright’s personal funds, after which the arrangement proceeded and Duffy’s expenses were re-paid; and

(vi) and that subsequently, the Prime Minister’s Office engaged in the obstruction of a Deloitte audit and a whitewash of a Senate report;

the House condemn the deeply disappointing actions of the Prime Minister’s Office in devising, organizing and participating in an arrangement that the RCMP believes violated sections 119, 121 and 122 of the Criminal Code of Canada and remind the Prime Minister of his own Guide for Ministers and Ministers of State, which states on page 28 that “Ministers and Ministers of State are personally responsible for the conduct and operation of their offices and the exempt staff in their employ,” and the House call upon the Prime Minister to explain in detail to Canadians, under oath, what Nigel Wright or any other member of his staff or any other Conservative told him at any time about any aspect of any possible arrangement pertaining to Mike Duffy, what he did about it, and when.

The deal-breaker here, if there was any chance the Conservatives would vote in favour of such a motion, is probably the part about the Prime Minister explaining himself under oath—Conservatives have already defeated a previous Liberal motion that would have called on Mr. Harper to testify before a parliamentary committee.


‘That the House condemn the deeply disappointing actions of the Prime Minister’s Office…’

  1. That previous motion, where every single member of his party stood up to indicate the PM would not be swearing anything before a PC under oath, is going to make a pretty compelling attack ad someday down the road. It pretty much extends the finger to Parliament and says, you have to come and get me warrant and handcuffs in hand.

      • But where’s the cheque to buy the ladies silence or the senators hastily arranged holiday in Aruba? JT isn’t in Harper’s league at all is he?

        • it’s a good thing Trudeau is in a different league than the dear leader ,,,harper ‘s league is in the slime pit wallowing in taxpayer money while considering said money as his own to do with as he pleases, ,,ethically challenged harper is an accomplished liar who pays little attention to the rules and the last thing canada needs is another prime minister as corrupt as harper and his regime™…..

          harper has already said that he ‘just doesn’t care’ and that he ‘makes the rules’

          • That was the inference i meant to convey.

      • Thanks for the link; nowhere does it say Trudeau “walked away” or anything at all about his reaction, or how she told him about the allegations. Now, aren’t you ashamed of yourself for spreading BS?

        • Francy Pants, thinks BS stands for Big Steve or Big Save.

        • Well he obviously didn’t kick Kenny out of the Liberal caucus, despite what is pretty clearly a patter of disgusting behavior from Kenny.

          And, frankly, covering up for a dirty old pervert who’s been serially sexually harassing women over the course of two decades seems to me to show MUCH poorer judgement than not knowing about your chief of staff writing a personal check.

          • Wrong again Ricky Oman!

            Allegations have to be proven, not merely supposed to be true. And he is out of caucus until he is proven guilty, or not. Your version of man on the street justice would have him languishing in a cell for some manditory period of time without any kind of presumption of innocence.

          • Hey, the Cons have already shown they’ll summarily punish their own senators without due process. Getting the chance to do the same thing to a Liberal senator would be, for them, even more fun than pulling the wings off flies or lighting firecrackers in frogs’ mouths.

          • Don’t go giving them ideas now.

          • Yes, all Conservatives torture helpless animals. I’m not making this up.

          • Not all of them. Just the ones in the PMO. But thanks for validating the comment.

          • Yes, if your pet’s gone missing, some Conservative in the PMO has probably kidnapped, tortured and killed it. You can look this up.

          • I can look it up? The Cons are actually cataloging their pet kills now? Where is the database? In the Parliamentary library? At the Government of Canada website?

            I find this hard to believe because they have a reputation for deleting, or at least suppressing, all records of their activities. This must be some belated attempt to demonstrate their transparency.

            Thanks for this!

          • I think that it was well established years ago that the Ontario Liberals are Canada’s evil reptilian kitten eaters.

          • Thanks for the tip. Bean.

          • “Soldiers with guns. In our cities. In Canada. We’re not making this up.”

          • Yes you are.

          • Harper would like to do away with due process entirely.

          • Due process and democracy are for progressives, academics, and elites. Vigilante justice is much more efficient.

          • Does this assumption of innocence until proven guilty apply to the Prime Minster, Mr Wright, and the various Senators as well?

          • They’re not in orange jump suits yet…so the answer would be yes.

          • More like Wrong Always Ricky Oman.

          • Assuming anyone ever previously reported such shenanigans to Trudeau or his staff. It’s not like JT has been in charge for those two decades. Harper’s staff, however, were clearly up to their eyeballs in the Duffy deal.

          • Yeah, up to their eyeballs in paying back tax payer’s dollars.

            What a scandal. What a hoot.

          • Bribery, fraud and breach of trust are what the RCMP are calling it.

            Are they part of the Liberal Media Conspiracy?

          • Clearly, they are.

          • Ah, if that were only all it was! But simple minds need simple talking points…

          • Of course when Duffy’s expenses were a mere $30,000 some taxpayers money wasn’t a problem. Nor was it when the Con Fund paid his legal fees.

        • She and Ricky Omen went to the same school of truthines.

      • Then there’s this:

        When she didn’t receive a response, she followed up and finally got a reply in October from Cyrus Reporter, Trudeau’s chief of staff.
        Reporter apologized for the delay and claimed he was “unaware of your prior correspondence,” then met with Brisson to discuss the allegations.
        If you believe the nonsense coming from Harper, despite all the contradictory evidence, then surely you’ll have no problem believing the first correspondence she sent was not received.

      • Much better?
        Remind us what Harper did when allegations against Dean Del Mastro, Doug Finley, Irving Gerstein, Shelley Glover, James Bezan, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin or Peter Peneshue were first outlined?

        • It’s hard to keep track of them all.

  2. I’d be more interested in Justin Trudeau testifying under oath about his past and current drug use.

    • Yet you have no problem with Rob Ford’s usage… Why is that, Rick?

    • I strongly suspect your buddy, RoFo, will be compelled to testify about his current and past drug use long before Trudeau needs to.

    • May we could have an Underoathathon – for charity. Harper, Ford, and Trudeau under oath being quizzed by a few journalists. Are you in?

    • to omenise – the act of hanging out on any comments page in the hope that the user can insert a negative comment on a certain Canadian Political Leader who is under fifty. Also a tendency to flog dead horses

    • methinks you’ve smoke a few yourself Rick

  3. These Liberal MPs are nothing but partisan Liberals, amirite?

    • (“we’re good to go”) for Duffy to go to the bathroom… :)