That was quick -

That was quick


Ethical Oil has already turned yesterday’s QP exchange into an attack ad.

Ethical Oil is presently run by Jamie Ellerton, a former aide to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. It was founded by Alykhan Velshi, a former aide to Mr. Kenney and currently director of planning in the Prime Minister’s Office.


That was quick

  1. Oh yeah, they’re quick to react when it concerns oil, but I fail to see that this helps them.

    ‘Where 2000 toxic oil spills dot the land’ isn’t much different than ‘using the air, the soil and the water as a dumping ground’

    Oil is just oil, it’s neither ‘ethical’ or ‘non-ethical’…’s human management that makes the difference.

  2. It’s a bad ad–too many associations of “oil” with “natural disaster”. Instead of highlighting a distinction between ethical and sketchy oil, it just makes all oil look dirty….

  3. “Ethical Oil“ is just one or two ****wads with a computer. If organizations like Macleans, CBC, CanPress would just rightly ignore them, they`d quickly go away.

    • One could say they are oxymorons…

  4. Ahhh Haaa! Very quick (as in quicker than a deadbeat Ottawa Journalist)! to argue that Alberta does not = Nigeria – Wow, I smell something there! Keep it up Wherry!

    • Maybe superfast laser-optical connection, eh?

      • An attack Ad! Attack meaning “Please don’t argue against my opinion because…. it’s like a free country, man”

        • The ad is not saying that Mulcair is incorrect, it is saying that Mulcair is bad because he is incorrect. That is what makes an attack ad.

  5. Mulcair should be careful not to get baited by the Western crankery. The remark about the reckless development of the bitumen sands being more like Nigeria than Norway makes a good point. But it’s certainly not something he should state publicly. It just reinforces victim card the Western provinces are playing.

    Mulcair has to take control of the debate and stick to the facts: a) unfettered development of the oil sands is bad for the environment and bad for Albertans; b) the Dutch Disease is destroying the value-added sector which bad news for the long-term Canadian economy; c) Harper’s plan to turn Canada into a “resource super-power” in the 21st century is absurd and disastrous.