That’s a lot of gazebos


Postmedia tallies $10.5 million in spending on news conferences since the Conservatives took office.

Since 2006, more than $10.5 million of taxpayers’ money has been used for rentals, staging, lighting, audio and other production equipment for announcements and public events, according to recently released government documents. Foreign Affairs racked up the highest bill — $2.79 million since 2006 — while Veterans Affairs trailed behind closely with a $2.55 million total, records show.


That’s a lot of gazebos

  1. Time to get off this whole holding the Conservative accountable thing Aaron.  As someone famous almost sung once, “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that bling”.

    I would post a memorable piece of music, but DISQUS sucks.

    • Agree with your DISQUS sucks comment – however, if they were publicly traded I’d be buyin’ as they are showing up as the comment platform from Al Jaseera to The Atlantic!!

      “Disqus is a small team working to make a huge impact; a group of hackers and tech geeks who love the web and want to make it a better place. We believe in amazing user experiences, well-designed code, and fast, iterative development. We enjoy what we do, we want to be the best at it, and we’re going to have fun along the way.
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    • Accountable. It does not mean what you think it means. It means we get to number the bovines.

    • Speaking of gazebos, I note in the French media that the Mayor of Huntsville has learned the ‘how to go under the radar of the auditor general 101″ lesson and promises that in future he will be sure not leave any written traces of his dealings with a minister.  http://www.radio-canada.ca/nouvelles/National/2011/10/04/003-huntsville-maire-clement.shtml

      Also noted in the French media is the recent hire of Nicole Jauvin as a temporary special adviser to minister Aglukkaq for a $200,000 a year salary.  Prior to joining the minister’s office, Ms. Jauvin was the boss of CanNor, set-up by the Harper Government, where she managed around 75 million dollars a year.  According to the March/11 report of the Comptroller General of Canada quoted on RadCan, “l’Agence n’a pas établi, comme elle le doit, un cadre de gestion financière, c’est-à-dire des règles de base, et qu’elle a violé presque toutes les directives sur le contrôle des dépenses, la gestion des contrats, l’utilisation des cartes de crédit, les voyages et les activités d’accueil de ses invités. »
      Violating almost all the rules on spending, contracts, use of credit cards, travel… the kind of comment that leads Quebecers to ask, what does Maclean’s thing of this?


    • Why would he want to do that SS; or am i irony deficient today?

    • I would post a memorable piece of music, but DISQUS sucks.

      It really does suck.  IntenseDebate, for all its warts, was much more versatile.  That said, one thing I like about DISQUS is the absence of downrating.

      • The downthumbs button is optional. I frequent another ID site with upthumbs-only comment boards.

    • Wells was reminiscing on Twitter about the good old days, when the Macleans boards added more value than they do these days. Disqus is a big part of that equation, speaking from a commentor point of view.

    •  Me three…Disqus is sub-optimal.

  2. Actually, with what the Tories spend to build a gazebo, $10.5 million actually only gets you around 8 gazebos for each province and territory.

    To my mind, a lot of gazebos would be something like one gazebo for each riding in Canada, but that would cost the Tories over $30 million.

    • Shhh!  Don’t give them ideas!

      (But I have to ask, in your estimate, did you factor in the cost of the EA!P billboards?)

  3. Gazebo = pergolas. Those are not cheap and I am no longer surprised about the accumulated prices given a year.

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