‘That’s enough of the military equation for Canada’


The NDP seems unlikely to support an extension of the Libya mission.

“Come the end of the timeline that we’ve set in Parliament, in September, I think it’s time to say that’s enough of the military equation for Canada, and we need to put our focus on the diplomatic side and the political side,” said NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar. “There’s been success in ensuring that the civilian population is protected, but we do not want to be in a conflict that is ongoing, and no end date.”

John Baird has told the remaining Libyan diplomats in Ottawa to pack their bags.


‘That’s enough of the military equation for Canada’

  1. I’m sure Harper is looking for somewhere else to invade, even as we speak.

    • You’re probably right!

      Better strap that tin foil hat on tight, it might be the end of the world!

      • It IS the end of the world for those invaded.

    • I don’t think you’ll agree with this line of reasoning Emily, but there’s an argument to be made that if we’d actually INVADED Libya with our allies it would all be over by now.

      • There is always an ‘argument to be made’ about some cockamamie thing or other, but usually cooler heads prevail.

        ‘Allies’ haven’t been able to subdue either Iraq or Afghanistan….so they wouldn’t be subduing Libya either.

        Aside from the fact we have no business invading anybody…in any way, shape or form.

        • Aside from the fact we have no business invading anybody…in any way, shape or form.

          As always, for me, this just comes too close to saying “if a maniacal dictator wants to slaughter his own people, who are we to try to stop him?”.

          • It’s up to his own people to stop him, not us.

          • And if his own people are incapable then it’s tough sh*t for them, yes?

          • @DerekPearce:disqus 

            Why should others be exempt from the laws of the universe….just so we can go in and redo the ‘white man’s burden’ routine?

            Who elected us Mommy to the Planet?

            There are about 30 such ‘wars’ going on right now….we can’t ‘help’ them all….so how do we choose?  On what basis?

            And more importantly…are you in the military, or just determining all this from your armchair?

  2. Somebody doing something constructive at last, ending this ill-advised excursion that’s only real purpose was to allow cowardly poltroons to puff out their chest and act like they had a set.
    And speaking off puffed up poltroons I see the most empty headed of them all has capped all this off with the most empty of gestures. Obviously the NDP can’t be allowed to sound off without Baird trying to show everyone who’s who, even it is in such a meaningless manner.
    Could Mr shouty angry get any more pathetic?

  3. Enough?  I was wondering when Libya mission was going to start ….. 

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