That’s our Maxime

Maxime Bernier demonstrates for a French TV crew where he hides his car keys.

Near the start of the film, a camera crew follows Bernier as he tosses a bag into his car and drives himself to Parliament Hill. On his way, he stops his car so he can go for a morning jog before work. He parks the vehicle, and is seen leaving the keys on top of a front tire — his bag still inside the car. “Don’t show this to anyone,” Bernier says in French before taking off…

Bernier, who tells the film crew that he does not use a chauffeur or fly first class while on government business, told CTV News off-camera that the whole thing was just a joke. He also gave a statement to CTV News late Tuesday night, saying: “”I never carry any government documents in my personal car. My office and I comply with all Government of Canada security guidelines concerning the treatment and transportation of government documents.”


That’s our Maxime

  1. Any hint as to where he parked his brains?

  2. That more than one person in Canada has mentioned this “story” today is a prime example of how shallow and vapid our political “journalists” are. But I guess Bernier should be happy that idiot Steve Maher wasn’t there or there would have been a year-long series written about the biggest scandal to rock Canada in decades.

    • Aaron is actually helping Maxime out by highlighting that he carries a sense of humour over his past foibles (assuming this actually was a skit for TV). Think about the 22 Minutes effect – it humanizes politicians.

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