‘That’s too clever for me, Evan’


Evan Solomon talks to Michael Ignatieff for CBC Sunday. (A transcript of the full interview is available at that link.)

At the end of the clip, Evan states that Stephen Harper wrote a similar book about himself at some point. That would seem to be a mistake. Though you’re welcome to read Paul’s book. Or this curiously listed coming attraction.

Jack Layton did pen his own survey of the land in 2004. And while Barack Obama did write Dreams from My Father, it was published in 1995. Audacity of Hope followed 11 years later.


‘That’s too clever for me, Evan’

  1. “Or this curiously listed coming attraction.”

    Indeed, or Jack Mitchell’s curious comment recommending this untitled coming attraction :-)

  2. The interview with Enright on yesterday’s Sunday edition was much more revealing than the Solomon piece.

  3. Fact: Harper actually submitted a manuscript to Key Porter and other publishers back in 1998 titled “Let’s Cut Taxes And Stuff”, but their lawyers cautioned against it, citing Canada’s commitment to “social justice” as a signatory to various UN treaties.

    • Key Porter apparently doesn’t accept submissions written in crayon that were made on the back of a Whopper wrapper.

  4. To be fair did Harper actually say he is “writing” a book on hockey (and even if he did, so what? He also said he wouldn’t run a deficit.)?
    Maybe he is READING a book on hockey, and it’s taking awhile.

    • I believe he meant to say that John Howard would be writing a book on hockey and that he (Harper) would be more than happy to read it aloud, or submit it to the new york times for review or something.

  5. Harper wouldn’t write about himself – he’d have to reveal himself, tell little secrets and stuff and by golly we’re not to know him.

  6. “Canadians were marching in the streets of Toronto and Ottawa, a million people through the streets of London – what were they marching for? They were marching so that Saddam Hussein would remain in power. Now I thought: that’s not a demonstration I am ever going to join.”

    From a previous interview with Evan Solomon.


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