That’s what the Senate is for


Responding yesterday during QP to complaints about the Immigration and Refugee Board, Jason Kenney sought the high road.

No, Mr. Speaker, they are not. In fact, I am aware of I think 2 out of 140 who have any association with the Conservative Party, unlike the Liberals who appointed the spouses of members of Parliament, the spouses of Liberal senators and failed campaign managers. The Liberals used the IRB as a partisan dumping ground. We have respected its role as an independent, quasi-judicial organization.

Conservative Senator Doug Finley is both the spouse of an MP and a former campaign manager. And he is joined in that independent, quasi-democratic institution by a former president of the Conservative party, a former spokeswoman for the Prime Minister, a former chair of Conservative party fundraising, failed Conservative MPs Josee Verner and Fabian Manning, and failed Conservative candidates Larry Smith and Yonah Martin.


That’s what the Senate is for

  1. Jason’s perfectly right…his side is only beginning…give them time for goodness sake.

    • The Cons dumping ground will have landscaping and gazebos. 

  2. Seems like the deeply conflicted Jason Kenney is trying to dredge up these baseless allegations again, http://www.thestar.com/News/article/187460.

    What was it Tom Flannagan said about things don’t have to be true, they just have to seem plausible?

    They are shameless and thus completely shamefull.

  3. It is not a dumping ground! These people had to pay good money give their life to public service to be appointed.

  4. How easily they forget…

    Le gouvernement conservateur a en effet confirmé que la mère de Julie Couillard, Diane Bellemare, a été nommée présidente des conseils arbitraux pour le district de Saint-Jérôme par le ministre conservateur des Ressources humaines, Monte Solberg, le 1er août 2007.”


    Appointing the mother of a minister’s organized-crime-related-mistress is surely not that easy to forget.  

  5. Conservatives lie it’s what they do
    They lie to me they lie toyou
    They lie when they say they don’t appoint friends
    They laugh at the voters without end

  6. There are somewhere around 3400 appointments the Prime Minister makes.
    And you expect him to appoint good Liberals?  ha.

  7. Certainly both sides have made appointments of party members.  And because the conservatives have been less successful historically, they are statistically the ones more often doing the complaining, sometimes more successfully (“You could have said no, sir”) Yet in office (see Mulroney, and Harper’s permanent campaign appointments) you could make a very strong argument the conservatives have abused the power MORE.

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