The Backbench Top Ten


Our weekly, and wholly arbitrary, ranking of the ten most worthy, or at least entertaining, MPs, excluding the Prime Minister, cabinet members and party leaders. A celebration of all that is great and ridiculous about the House of Commons. Last week’s rankings appear in parentheses.

1. Maxime Bernier (1)
The  most interesting man in Ottawa right now.
2. Jack Harris (5)
Maybe the most underrated (or underappreciated, or undernoticed) politician in the country. All he’s done since returning to Ottawa in October 2008 is help push Parliament toward one of the most significant moments in its history while doggedly pursuing one of the great moral and political issues of our time. Now he’s around the table to participate in a series of historic negotiations that may set a standard for the future of our federal democracy. Not bad for the former leader of the third party in Newfoundland.
3. Derek Lee (-)
This week’s ruling also assures Mr. Lee’s place in history as one of his generation’s most significant parliamentarians.
Francine Lalonde (2)
5. Helena Guergis (3)
6. Pat Martin (6)
Seems unjust to select just one of his comment’s this week for recognition, but here’s one. “Mr. Speaker, some say it is too bad the Federal Accountability Act was not written on softer paper because it could take its place in the outhouse next to the Eaton’s catalogue.”
7. Shelly Glover (4)
The government side’s most enthusiastic clapper. Some clap out of obligation, Ms. Glover really feels strongly about it each time she puts her hands together.
8. Daniel Paille (7)
9. Bob Rae (8)
10. Joe Comartin (9)

Previous rankings: March 12March 19April 3April 10. April 25.


The Backbench Top Ten

  1. What happened to Wayne Easter? Did he get bumped down to #11?

    On the other hand, this was a refreshingly snark-free edition of your excellent "Backbench Top Ten" feature, with the possible exception of the Shelly Glover entry. Kudos to MPs Bernier, Harris and Lee for distinguishing themselves in a positive way. All three are worthy Parliamentarians, and I'm glad they're in the House of Commons.

  2. So true about Shelly Glover that woman just wants to clap

  3. Why does Aaron Wherry single out Shelly Glover for special treatment ?

    The answer is easy enough. Women for run for conservative parties or who hold conservative views aren't "real women". Real women run for and vote for progressive parties. At least that's the MSM meme and Aaron's comments are therefore entirely predictable.

    A woman who thinks, for example, that abortion is morally problematic isn't a real woman. There views are not worthy of respect.

    • See, if we had proper sex education in this country, Jarrid would understand what makes a real woman.

  4. better "to" than "the"…………… (nothing personal Shelly…. I couldn't resist the pun)

  5. Holy inappropriate pun, Batman!

  6. isn't it cute when conservatives try to play "identity politics"?

  7. I'm sorry Con woman get a bad rap, but hey who was I to think they should have a right to chose…

    But honestly Shelly touts herself as former member of the force, well she was, she wrote the press releases.

  8. I'm not sure why I had thought Ralph was a pretty decent guy, but his little display of childish behaviour this week leaves me scratching my head.

  9. Hmm….Shelley Glover believes in a woman's right to choose.

  10. Toilet paper humor always raises the level of decorum in the house, keeps the opps minds in the gutter, speaking of which, no mention of Mr. small, Ralph Goodale who knows how to carry a grudge.

  11. "Kudos to MPs Bernier…worthy Parliamentarians."

    Is your crit_reasoning working well on this one?

    • That's astonishing. I've never heard that line before!

  12. Did I say otherwise OT?

  13. Wayne Easter got bumped because Helena's banishment to the cheap seats has taken the wind out of his sails.

    What about Dominique LeBlanc? I thought he handled himself very well this week when speaking to the press about the "paper chase" negotiations.


  14. I didn't think I stoop so low as to take part in this. None of them impressed me, except Jack Harris. I have always considered Peter Stoffer the most intelligent and sensible politician in Ottawa. But the new gut Harris has jumped right up there.
    The others don't matter.

  15. actually "REAL WOMEN" are ALWAYS conservative.

  16. Ralphie-boy is never above a little childish behavior, he's pure partisan all the time.


  18. You're getting a little combative here – read what you wrote and the implications.

  19. Oops, you're right OT, I mentioned that some think that abortion is morally problematic.

    I now realize that saying such a thing is "divisive". I'll try and behave.

  20. Re:
    "1. Maxime Bernier (1)
    The most interesting man in Ottawa right now."

    That pretty much says it all about the quality of politics in Ottawa these days, doesn't it?

  21. Bob Rae is an Ottawa 'backbencher'? Maybe this listing should exclude Opposition Cabinet Critics, and/or TV political party speakers, as well as Gov't-side Cabinet Members.

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