The Bieber-Harper summit -

The Bieber-Harper summit


While the premiers meet in Halifax, Stephen Harper meets with Justin Bieber to present the pop star with a Diamond Jubilee Medal. (Presumably it wasn’t a choice between one or the other, but it’s impolite to turn down easy jokes.)

Rest assured, the Internet is perplexed by Mr. Bieber’s choice of attire. The race should be on to see who can photoshop Darrell Dexter’s head on Mr. Bieber’s body first.


The Bieber-Harper summit

  1. I have so many questions about this country.

  2. LOL Peter McKay’s wife got one!

    They are worthless.

  3. Nice to see the Biebs dressed up for the occasion. I guess he realizes it’s just a gimmick for the PM to get his photo taken with a famous musician.

    • Sure, it’s a meaningless photo-op, but it’s pretty much a harmless meaningless photo-op, isn’t it? My problem’s entirely with Bieber on this one, and I’m by no means a fan of Harper.

      • Still, another broken promise “I don’t take pictures with celebrities. that was the last guy.” – S. harper

    • Bet that really stuck in Harper’s craw… All the gang at the PMO must be walking on eggshells tonight…

  4. Which one didn’t get the dress code memo?

  5. Hey Beiber four years before you were even born called they want those overalls back.

    • You’ve got 1990 on the phone? Can you warn them about Harper, please? Maybe we can avoid this scene altogether…

      • They said “That guy in the mullet? Pull the other one, 2012!”

  6. I think Bieber is making a suggestion as to Harper’s next attempt at getting dressed for the Stampede.

  7. Rarely do I see the PM these days and feel like someone ELSE in the story comes off looking bad, but, WOW.

    I’m no hater, and young Justin is a successful young Canadian, more than deserving of this honour (which is an honour, though hardly the highest of the land) but for someone who usually seems like a nice young kid from Stratford, his attire for a meet and greet with the Prime Minister of Canada, to receive a medal no less, certainly makes him seem like a punk.

    • —-or rather clever

  8. polls dont tell lies,do they harper.marty patriquin called JT out about pandering.

  9. First. How dare they give a diamond jubilee award to some punk “know it all”. and how dare he dress in such appropriate manners. It’s a total disrespect to not only Canada But also Great Britain

    • He’s just a good looking rebel that lives by his own rules.
      And that Beiber kid rocks too, man

  10. Look! It’s Li’l Abner!

    The other one is a pop star named Bieber.

  11. I guess Justin has to sell his own wheat now

  12. I never imagined I’d become a Justin Bieber fan…

  13. I wonder if harper got dressed up in front of flags and cameras to award the medal to the convicted criminals too?

  14. He was in town picking up his free gasoline.

    Frankly, I demand that Justin apologize. Oh, Baby, Baby.

  15. Wow….sure is a lot of ‘old people talk’ on here about ‘kids today’

    You were expecting a suit and tie??