The Bloc Quebecois ejects 20% of its caucus -

The Bloc Quebecois ejects 20% of its caucus

Maria Mourani dismissed after criticizing charter of values


Maria Mourani has been ejected from the Bloc Quebecois caucus. Here is BQ leader Daniel Paille’s explanation.

Yesterday, while the Bloc Quebecois was at least welcoming the debate the Parti Quebecois’ charter of values had initiated, Ms. Mourani was venturing that the charter was a bad idea.

“Whether they like it or not, they are discriminating against minorities. It has never been easy to convince people from ethno-cultural groups that the independence movement is inclusive. The signal here is not very encouraging,” Ms. Mourani said.


The Bloc Quebecois ejects 20% of its caucus

  1. Funny… wasn’t it two days ago or so that Bloc leader Daniel Paillé himself was, shall we say, rather lukewarm on the so-called “charter” and claiming the Bloc wasn’t a “branch office” of the PQ (“pas une succursale”)…

    Guess the head office called the branch office, and that Auntie Pauline has begun spanking some tushies…

  2. If we wanted to be cheeky, we could point out that the Bloc Quebecois just kicked the only woman, and only visible minority, out of their caucus for the sin of equating the PQ Charter proposal with ethnic nationalism.

    I eagerly await the day that Marois explains that this all has nothing to do with ethnic nationalism, and that the only Quebeckers arguing that it does are the damned “ethnics”.

    • Also their only member from the island of Montreal.

  3. And so, will they sit as indies or join another caucus?

    • I mean she, not they.

    • Good question, but I can’t imagine her joining another caucus, can you? She’s still a separatist after all. Short of renouncing separatism, no other caucus would have her, even if she wanted to join them.

      • No, it’s a difficult situation for parties wanting to pick up MPs. There are several former separatists in with the NDP, aren’t there?

        • No one’s sure if they’re ‘former’, but they are at least quiet. She might not be so keen on separatism anymore either now that she realizes what it means.

        • I believe there are former separatists in the NDP (and at one point or another both the Liberals and Tories have had former separatists in their caucuses as well), however, in this context the key word is “former” of course. If Mourani rejected separatism and became a FORMER separatist then she might find a home in another caucus, but as of today I think she’s still a separatist, and has no intentions of modifying her stance wrt to separation.

  4. People keep referencing “Paillé” and I’m like, WTF, Madame Paillé is in the news again?

  5. Further to my first cheeky comment, I think it’s also fun to take this moment to reflect upon the fact that Daniel Paille just kicked an MP out of a caucus that he’s not technically a member of himself, lol.

  6. Ahuntsic was the only seat that BQ had left in Montreal. The BQ nearly lost it in the last election, so without Maria Mourani, they may not be able to hold it. It borders Papineau, Justin Trudeau’s riding on one side, and could go Liberal next time. Or perhaps NDP since the NDP did well there in the 2011 Election.