The case for Brian Topp


Brian Topp draws perhaps the most profound compliment of the NDP leadership race to date.

NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp has concluded an energetic five-day swing through BC with a slew of new supporters including Todd Wong, the renowned founder of the Gung Haggis Fat Choy cross-cultural celebration. “Brian has a wonderful humanistic quality.  I found him to be thoughtful and caring – not aggressive or aloof.  People that I admire and trust – they trust and admire Brian, and now so do I,” Wong said after meeting with Topp at a Chinese New Year’s celebration.

“Wonderful humanistic quality” improves upon Libby Davies’ gushing that Mr. Topp possessed a “cuteness about him.”


The case for Brian Topp

  1. Nathan Cullen is the most charismatic politician in this race, and with a large support in BC He could easily win the leadership.

    • I hope you are right about that!  He did pick up about 6,000 votes this past week.

  2. I dislike Brian Topp, He doesn’t exactly bode well with me (and he isn’t an MP) I’d say Mulcair or Cullen.

  3. I agree Brian Topp is an awful candidate, He will bring the NDP back to the dark ages

    •  He’s better than Dewar

      • Topp, Mulcair, Cullen, and Nash all suck! Dewar is the best!

  4. For someone to say they don’t like Brian Topp or he lacks a seat they are short sighted. Most of the recent opposition leaders did not have a seat. Most of the past NDP leaders were not in Parliament (Tommy, Ed, Audrey, Jack) when elected to lead. When you attend a Brian Topp event you will be impressed. He is pretty damn good. Go out an meet these candidates.

    • Topp worked in SK for many years with Romanow, yet those of us who have met him and worked with him don’t see him as best candidate.  Personally, I prefer Cullen.

      Moreover I find it unnerving that Topp would not seek Jack Layton’s old seat — why not?  I think it’s because he has no interest in being in politics unless he’s leader.  He does not want to work his way up; he wants to start out on “topp.”  Tee hee. 

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