The case for Brian Topp

by Aaron Wherry

Brian Topp draws perhaps the most profound compliment of the NDP leadership race to date.

NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp has concluded an energetic five-day swing through BC with a slew of new supporters including Todd Wong, the renowned founder of the Gung Haggis Fat Choy cross-cultural celebration. ”Brian has a wonderful humanistic quality.  I found him to be thoughtful and caring – not aggressive or aloof.  People that I admire and trust – they trust and admire Brian, and now so do I,” Wong said after meeting with Topp at a Chinese New Year’s celebration.

“Wonderful humanistic quality” improves upon Libby Davies’ gushing that Mr. Topp possessed a “cuteness about him.”


The case for Brian Topp

  1. Nathan Cullen is the most charismatic politician in this race, and with a large support in BC He could easily win the leadership.

    • I hope you are right about that!  He did pick up about 6,000 votes this past week.

  2. I dislike Brian Topp, He doesn’t exactly bode well with me (and he isn’t an MP) I’d say Mulcair or Cullen.

  3. I agree Brian Topp is an awful candidate, He will bring the NDP back to the dark ages

    •  He’s better than Dewar

      • Topp, Mulcair, Cullen, and Nash all suck! Dewar is the best!

  4. For someone to say they don’t like Brian Topp or he lacks a seat they are short sighted. Most of the recent opposition leaders did not have a seat. Most of the past NDP leaders were not in Parliament (Tommy, Ed, Audrey, Jack) when elected to lead. When you attend a Brian Topp event you will be impressed. He is pretty damn good. Go out an meet these candidates.

    • Topp worked in SK for many years with Romanow, yet those of us who have met him and worked with him don’t see him as best candidate.  Personally, I prefer Cullen.

      Moreover I find it unnerving that Topp would not seek Jack Layton’s old seat — why not?  I think it’s because he has no interest in being in politics unless he’s leader.  He does not want to work his way up; he wants to start out on “topp.”  Tee hee. 

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