The chamber of second chances -

The chamber of second chances


Jeff Jedras counts 11 defeated Conservative candidates in the Senate.

Sending people that quit the Senate to run for the House and lost back to the Senate was a new twist, but still, the list of failed candidates appointed to the Red Chamber by Harper was already long, and includes Salma Ataullahjan, Yonah Martin, Claude Carignan, Fabian Manning (now twice), Michel Rivard, John Wallace, Leo Houskas, Michael Fortier and Suzanne Duplessis. And now add Larry Smith and Josee Verner to the list, making 11 Conservative Senate appointments have been rejected (at least once) by the electorate.


The chamber of second chances

  1. People choose to get angry over the strangest things. 

  2. Well of course. Canadians simply aren’t smart enough to elect the right people. Fortunately, we have Nanny Harper in power to correct our mistakes. 

  3. It’s more economical to put already trained seals in the Senate, rather than training new seals. 

  4.  Mr. Harper has explained that this will aid democratic Senate reform by putting in people who are dedicated to democratic senate reform. This is an elegant quasi-syllogism:
    Conservative party-hack senators establish democratic senate reform.
    Democratic senate reform allows voter de-election of senators.
    ∴ Conservative party-hack senators allow voter de-election of Conservative party-hack senators.
    Who am I to argue?

    • Wow – pass the bong this way; I could use a hit of that! 

  5. Yeah, but it’s a chamber of sober second chances…

    • Arguably, the word sober was essential back in John A MacDonald’s day.