The Commons: Happily outraged -

The Commons: Happily outraged


The Scene. Oh how happy Conservatives must’ve been made last night to read the inflammatory remarks of Liberal MP David McGuinty. Oh how giddy they must’ve been at the prospect of hanging this one on the Liberal side. One presumes several backbenchers could barely sleep, so anxious to get on with today’s festival of shame.

Well, of course, happy and outraged. Deeply, terribly outraged. Yes, yes, incredibly outraged. Profoundly saddened even.

So immensely outraged, in fact, that the Immigration Minister was sent out after the meeting of the Conservative caucus to specially address the matter. And no less than four Conservatives—each of them an Albertan who could claim a personal affront—were sent up before Question Period to variously fume. 

“Our government strongly condemns the Liberal Party of Canada’s comments that say that Alberta MPs do not belong in Parliament and should go home,” Michelle Rempel proclaimed. “This anti-energy prejudice is the same the Liberals had when they brought in their disastrous national energy program in the 1980s, a program that damaged the economy and cost Albertans billions. This type of regionally divisive policy and rhetoric from the Liberal Party is unfathomable.”

“The Liberal Party may find it offensive to have Alberta’s interests defended on the floor of the House of Commons, but Albertans find it offensive when the Liberal Party tries to shut down their voices,” Chris Warkentin informed the House.

“Mr. Speaker, Albertans are rightfully appalled by the arrogant comments from the MP for Ottawa South,” Blaine Calkins reported.

“Mr. Speaker, as time passes people learn, grow and change. Unfortunately, even though time has passed, the Liberal Party has not learned a thing,” Blake Richards sighed from the back row with Ms. Rempel, Rona Ambrose and Devinder Shory positioned behind him.

If you didn’t know better, you’d think there might be a by-election in a few days. But understand that the Conservatives—whatever the smiles on the government side—do not lament for this lightly. Their tolerance for heated rhetoric is exceptionally high. Suggest someone sympathizes with the Taliban or imply that to disagree with a piece of legislation would put one in league with child pornographers and they will restrain themselves. Declare a policy to be “unCanadian” or venture that a proposal would “screw everybody”  and they will shrug and accept that such is politics.

But here now they must draw the line. Here now they must take a stand. Or, rather, here is something they will not stand for.

Indeed, here was something from which they could not allow themselves to be distracted.

“While I am on my feet,” the Prime Minister segued, switching to English halfway through his third response to Bob Rae on the issue of prescription drug abuse, “I think it is incumbent upon me to raise the issue of statements made by another member in this House. I find it shameful, not surprising, but shameful, that 30 years after the National Energy Program, these anti-Alberta attitudes are still close to the surface in the Liberal Party.”

The Liberals howled for the Speaker to cut the Prime Minister off. The Conservatives stood to applaud when Mr. Harper was finished.

A short while later, Liberal MP Joyce Murray rose and suggested the government was undermining the tourism industry. Jason Kenney, his precise responsibility for tourism unclear, stood to respond. “Mr. Speaker, we are supporting, not undermining, tourism. But the Liberal Party is now undermining the unity of this country by attacking members of Parliament from Alberta for representing their constituents,” Mr. Kenney lectured.

The Immigration Minister received a standing ovation.

Stephane Dion asked about the processing of visas for people from Syria. Mr. Kenney took the opportunity to restate his disappointment en francais.

Lest there be any doubt about the minister’s feelings, Mr. Shory was sent up a few rounds later with the following query on government business. “Mr. Speaker, in the 1980s, the Trudeau Liberals brought in the National Energy Program that absolutely destroyed the economy and cost my constituents and Alberta families their jobs, their homes and billions of dollars,” the backbencher explained. “Comments yesterday by the senior Liberal spokesperson for natural resources show that the Liberals have not changed much since then. When will the Liberals understand that Alberta’s energy industry brings incredible prosperity and jobs right across the country?”

For the sake of obeying the standing orders, Mr. Shory added a question for the minister. “Can the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism update the House on our government’s commitment to Canada’s energy industry?” he asked.

Apparently unfamiliar with how Question Period is supposed to work, Mr. Kenney responded with a question for the Liberal corner. “We have a question for the Leader of the Liberal Party: When is he going to fire his critic for natural resources for having attacked the members of Parliament from Alberta for simply representing their constituents as they are expected to do?”

An answer to this was offered shortly after QP. Presumably the Conservatives will be happy to hear it. Or perhaps they will be sad to see Mr. McGuinty go.

The Stats. Ethics, seven questions. Foreign investment, five questions. Securities regulation, four questions. The economy, pharmaceuticals and employment insurance, three questions each. The budget, tourism and foreign affairs, two questions each. Public Works, labour, veterans, Alberta, immigration, Parks Canada, infrastructure, aboriginal affairs and forestry, one question each.

Stephen Harper, seven responses. Jim Flaherty and Pierre Poilievre, six responses each. Christian Paradis, four responses. Jason Kenney and Diane Finley, three responses each. John Baird and Denis Lebel, two responses each. Rona Ambrose, Lisa Raitt, Eve Adams, Peter Van Loan, Peter Kent, Maxime Bernier and Greg Rickford, one response each.


The Commons: Happily outraged

  1. I think the word you’re looking for is actually ‘poutrage’. A fake outrage that, in this case, manages to string the words Trudeau, NEP, Liberals and the constant Alberta victimhood together.

    • Yeah, poutrage, I like it. It’s what the leftists in opposition do all the time. Fake outrage. You nailed it, Emily!!

      • LOL oh do stop whining. You all look like ninnies.

      • so i guess braz and the mounty chief are off the hook for there antics today as well i guess.

  2. I almost want to send Wherry a box of Kleenex to console him It must be a killer to Wherry watching the Conservatives score points that are so easily served up by the Liberals….

  3. Conservatives rock, libs suck.

    • And about mindless repetition …

  4. It’s not complicated. Conservatives rock, leftist opposition stinks of corruption.

    • Oh there’s a guy who sure knows a lot about independent thinking …

  5. Where were the comments from M.P. Brian Jean who represents the Oil Sands?

    • He’s not permitted to speak. Not his portfolio.

  6. I made the mistake of watching (yesterday’s) Question Period today …

    All I could think was “the Conseratives sure are good at being a#%holes … and funny thing is, they think it means they’re winning” …

    • If past history is any indication of future performance.. uh.. it does.

      I’m hoping, though, that the leeway Canadians gave them when they were in a minority no longer exists for them in a majority. That what was acceptable behavior then is not acceptable now.. and that they haven’t clued into that.

      Given their internal polling sophistication, I may well be wrong about that.
      Of course, down in the US, the Republicans thought they had the election won and their polling is even more sophisticated than ours.

  7. “Conservatives must’ve [felt]…happy and outraged. Deeply, terribly outraged. Yes, yes, incredibly outraged. Profoundly saddened even.”

    I somehow doubt that Conservatives backbenchers felt any of these emotions or, indeed, anything at all until the frat boys in the PMO told them what they felt.

    • However, it is fun to watch the Liberals squirm in their arrogance.

      • Yeah, and then watch them display the kind of integrity that is virtually never demonstrated by this government, by having their leader apologize in the House and the offender resign his critic’s role.

        Can you remember anyone in this government behaving in a similarly honorable way, despite many examples of unethical or inappropriate conduct?

        No? Didn’t think so.

        • Nice try. This is about the arrogant Liberal party.

          • No argument. Just suggesting you use the same standards and expectations in judging their behaviour that you apply to the Cons.

  8. David McGuinty is my MP. I called his office today to request that he resign.

    • Okay, I’ll call tomorrow along with several friends, and request he be promoted.

      • You may want to ask Katie Smith if she approves of your mindless…..what was it Katie?

        • Katie isn’t a Con….you are

          • I don’t care what Katie is or isn’t. I like to get a response out of you, EmilyOne. It keeps me amused.

          • Yes, I’ve no doubt you need some sanity in your life.

      • Too late! He is gone.

        • No he isn’t

          • You are behind in the news. He resigned his critic’s role and will cause the party to lose the Calgary Centre riding if the Libs ever had a chance.

          • Sigh….he is still an MP….focus.

    • And he did. He had no choice. If the Libs had any chance in Calgary Centre it is gone up in smoke.

      • Hey, did you hear? It’s Romney by a landslide!

        • Yep and the Wildrose was going to win in a landslide.

          • Yes, we’ve all made fun of polls. Keep up.

  9. I miss the days when every yahoo west of Gatineau was babbling
    that Duceppe and the gang should “go home”. “course the Bloc
    boyos seemed to accept the ignorance with more grace and class
    than the current victims.

    • You miss the point: the Liberal Party, as a party, openly proclaims to stand for all Canadians as do all other federal parties.

      The BQ is not a federal party. Why should they care about anyone else but Quebeckers. Their party’s raison d’etre is to be about Quebec and Quebec only. That is the difference.

  10. The opposition and majority of Canadians have been outraged, deeply and truly outraged MANY times over the behaviour of the Conservative party in Government…the F35 costs, the expensive glasses of orange juice, the In and Out Scandal, the stalling on investigation of election fraud, to name a few. Yet, WHEN? has any Conservative cabinet minister resigned so promptly? None that I can remember.
    Were that the Cons demonstrating that kind of transparency, accountability and integrity instead of acting like gloating, school children at something that is a non-issue.

  11. How embarassing for the morally bankrupt, corrupt Liberal party. I suspect there are not many Joe Fontana’s hanging around these days after their humiliating defeat in 2011. Shows they are still full of their usual arrogance. You would think being reduced to 34 seats would generate some humility. Not this bunch.

  12. If a Conservative MP had said this about any province in Canada, the CBC would be broadcasting the outrage every 15 minutes, but hardly a peep from the state financed leftist CBC Liberal propaganda organ. Now the Liberal-biased media and assorted forum maggots are trying to defuse the crisis to save McGuinty and the Calgary-Centre by-election.

    And how about a then Liberal Minister of Public Works in 2005 — Joe Fontana (and currently Mayor of London, ON) — being charged by the RCMP for using public funds to pay for his son’s wedding? It was noted in passing at the end of the CBC NN Power & Politics 2 hour program and not at all on the national news..!!!

    • Waaah, waaah, waaah, it hurts.

  13. “Anti-energy prejudice” conjures up images of SNL’s caveman lawyer. I’m a simple man from a simple time who can’t comprehend your magical lightning orbs and am frightened by the disembodied voices coming from your small metal boxes. But if I know one thing, I know my client is innocent! A nod to Michelle Rempel for being hilarious!

  14. Doesn’t a member of the Conservative backbench frequently stand up and accuse a Quebec NDP opposition member of not being a federalist, not supporting Canada?

  15. You only have to watch the barrage of state sponsored pro energy pro Alberta TV propaganda to understand that today in Canada being against unrestricted energy development is close to treason in the view of the Harper Government.

  16. The really disgusting thing here is that the fake outrage at largely fictional affronts to Alberta (he said the Con MPs should be thinking of the well being of the whole country, NOT that he was anti-Alberta) will probably resonate in Calgary.