The consequential times in which we live -

The consequential times in which we live


Despite the transcript and the retraction, the Conservatives sent up Shelly Glover before QP this afternoon to demand that Michael Ignatieff apologize for his “insulting and offensive” comments to the Winnipeg Free Press. She pointedly dismissed the Liberal leader’s protestations because the original story was “pushed” on the Twitter account and website of the Liberal candidate in Winnipeg-North.

If he did not believe the story to be true, why would he push it out for all to see? It is simple. He believed it. He does believe that her candidacy is a game.

Charles Adler, meanwhile, blames the vast left-wing media conspiracy.


The consequential times in which we live

  1. I suspect Glover's belief that Michael Ignatieff signs off on every posting to a candidate's Twitter/Website says more about the freedom allowed to MP's in the Conservative Party than it does MI.

  2. Some days you'd just like to bang heads together.

  3. Glover is an embarrassing far-right sycophant

  4. I would push her off a cliff and not think twice about. The women is an embarrassment to the human race.

  5. Intolerance – the signature of the extreme left.

  6. Yeah, like the Klan and the militias and the tea party and the Nazis and those other leftie types eh?

  7. Just the latest in an endless parade of useful idiots.

  8. No, I think there is plenty of intolerance to go around.

  9. I'm not part of the extreme left, I just can't stand this idiot.

    Now, having said that, I wouldn't really push her off a cliff, it was more a poor attempt to express how much she disgust me. She has no shame and no sense of honor. A revolting human being.

    Perhaps the mod's can erase my previous post, in hindsight I am a better person than that.

  10. Everyone knows it's an offhand remark, not a serious intent, so relax. LOL

  11. evenfow. Your apology shows you are a good person. It's nice to see on these boards. I do not include you as part of the extreme left.

    zesty. I don't disagree that there is intolerance on the extreme right. Everyone knows that. However, too often the left seems to take on attitudes of moral superiority as if only the right is intolerant. As you point out, there is plenty of intolerance to go around.

  12. I don't think anyone here likes either extreme, but you can't just make sh*t up.

  13. I am not making up the fact that many on the left have an unfortunate attitude of moral superiority.

  14. LOL says the rightwing guy from the party loaded with born-again creationists only too happy to tell others how to live.

  15. I don't know what planet you live on, but I have never considered myself right wing. Moreover, I do not share anything in common with the so-called creationists. Please refrain from jumping to conclusions about other people that you know nothing about.

  16. No, you just talk rightwing and advocate rightwing and vote rightwing.

    You are in the same party as the devout creationists….the one run by the evangelicals.

  17. It is none of your business whether I am a member of a party or not. Nor do you know who I vote for, although I do not have a princple of voting "right wing".

    Enough of your silly comments. I am late for a lunch…

  18. Man, these boards have gone all Glover lately.

  19. LOL no, yer late for something, but it isn't lunch.

  20. Why do you insist on spending all your time insulting people? It happens to be 10:44 a.m. where I am and I am indeed off to lunch.

    I don't know what you can't try to be civil to others on this board instead of looking for ways to insult them. The rest of us would like to have respectful exchanges of views, accepting that not all of us agree on everything. If you don't want to play by these simple rules go find another sandbox to play in.

  21. I don't. Cons just like to claim I do. Gives them a sense of moral superiority. LOL

    Cons also like to attribute a load of nonsense to 'leftwingers', but they don't like it when people point that out.

    And yes, we all know you're in Japan, you've told us that at great length.

  22. Well this *is* the woman who said she never heard of Tom Flanagan…so let's go easy on the poor thing – she gets confused easily.

  23. Ignorance – the signature of the extreme right.

  24. wait – so his angry tone made him a member of the far left? Dude….

  25. I've only recently returned to stalking here, and am oblivious to the reference. Explain…

  26. Far too many on the right have views which justify such an attitude.

  27. Is he allowed to use the ol' "I'm sorry you're an idiot" bit?

  28. Shaddup extreme lefty!!!!!

  29. Shelly Glover is a police offier. Matt Damon.

  30. As opposed to all the far-right sycophants who aren't embarrassing?

  31. Is there any doubt that is purported "media blog" is anything but a Liberal propaganda piece?

    Never holding Iggy to account, but as here, using this space to staunchly defend him,

    while at the same time, ginning up anti Harper spin at every turn.

    One would think that the Liberal banner should be displayed from this blog, in the circumstances.

    But that would be premised on the notion that the host would want its readers to be informed of the overt predisposition in the commentary, rather than utilizing the air of "impartial media" in the Macleans name as a means of masking what is otherwise an purely partisan spin machine. Or put another way: premised on the blog host honestly portraying its position.

  32. Eh!! Could you put it yet another way ? Orwell would have loved that penultimate sentence….what the fu'k does it mean?

  33. And I would do all I could to prevent you from pushing someone off a cliff, no matter how much I disagreed with them.

  34. If you are not making up the fact then provide information about the person who is making up the fact.

  35. Tom Flanagan, didn't he line mate with Lanny McDonald a couple seasons in the early 80s?

  36. Flanagan, McDonald and Plett.. With the Atlanta Flames, I thought.

  37. OK… but I think it would have been more useful for you to defend Glover on this rather than (again) bemoan the left wing media. I'd be much more interested to hear what the 'impartial' take on this would have been.

  38. "Never holding Iggy to account"

    Since you're such a fan of balance, chet, can you please link to your postings that hold Stephen Harper to account? You must have many examples, probably several in the last week on the subject of using appointed Senators to defeat a bill passed by the elected House.

  39. There's that lefty tolerances again. Tell us Emily, what other religions would you like to have banned from public office? Do you really think that there aren't devout creationists in every party? Or perhaps you should focus your energies on your Liberal master's religion. Michael Ignatieff can't even seem to figure out what, if any religion he believes in.

  40. If the Liberal candidate is going to promote the article, why is it hypocritical for the other team to do so?

    If Michael Ignatieff feels what he said was interpreted the wrong way, why doesn't he come out and say that the Conservative candidate is fully qualified for the job. Because as it stands, it's clear he thinks the only qualification she has for the job is her race.

  41. I'm a partisan.

    I openly admit it. Balance is not required of me.

  42. Then it's yoru fault we have an unelected Senate subverting the will of the House of Commons. Remember that the next time the Senate takes five minutes longer than your dear leader would like.

  43. Charles Adler is bang on.