‘The Conservative Party of Canada ran a clean and ethical campaign’


A statement from Jenni Byrne, national campaign manager for the Conservative party.

The Conservative Party of Canada ran a clean and ethical campaign and would never tolerate such activity. The Party was not involved with these calls and if anyone on a local campaign was involved they will not play a role in a future campaign.

Voter suppression is extremely serious and if anything improper occurred those responsible should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.We spent the entire campaign identifying supporters and we worked hard to get them out to vote.

Our job is to get votes out, we do not engage in voter suppression.

The NDP have written to the Commissioner of Canada Elections to outline their concerns.


‘The Conservative Party of Canada ran a clean and ethical campaign’

  1. Is Jenni Byrne the same national campaign manager who suggested that it was good to “muddy the waters” around the Auditor General’s report during the last election?

    Incidentally, Jenni, your party already admitted, in court, that they did not run a “clean and ethical” campaign. They plead guilty, remember?

    • Yes, her other questionable claim to fame is that she’s Pierre Polievre’s girlfriend.  Or fiancee or wife or partner or something.  That’s Jenni with an “i.” 

      • Is “beard” perhaps the term you’re looking for?

      • No accounting for taste if she was PP’s SO.

      • Eeeewwwwww!  Well we know she has poor judgement.

    •  The buck stops elsewhere, always. It’s the New Normal.

  2. Same party that pleaded guilty to fraudulent election expenses?

  3. obi wan kenobi ~ these aren’t the droids you’re looking for

  4. From the G&M backwaters…

    “But Conservative Party spokesman Fred Delorey says it was simply a
    matter of human error. The voter’s information was listed twice in the
    party’s voter-identification database under two different ridings, and
    she was directed to the wrong riding location.”

    In court the next question is were they lying then or are they lying now.

  5. I would like to see how Jenni defines ‘Clean’ and ‘Ethical’.

    Maybe she uses the same dictionary as Ezra

    • Or as the oil industry.

    • Chinese human rights?


    After everything that’s happened in Canadian politics in the last few years, only the Koolaid-soakers would believe that ‘statement’.

    • If that wasn’t enough to guarantee plurality PMO staff would be getting new assignments.

  7.  “The Conservative Party of Canada ran a clean and ethical campaign…”

    To paraphrase the immortal Inigo Montoya, You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

    • It’s inconceivable…

    • That means they used hand sanitizers and refrained from swearing.

  8. Right Jenni, tell that to the people who had their houses defaced and their cars vandalized by Con goon squads just because they has Liberal lawns signs. What a bunch of bottom-feeding slime.

    • Actually, that kind of thing I’m willing to put down to individual neanderthal supporters.

      A co-ordinated phone blast, however, purporting to be from Elections Canada? That’s something else. That requires at the very least some funding if not organization.

      • Perhaps, but it has happened consistently since Harper became leader of the CPC and no CPC official has ever denounced their activities.

        • Report doesn’t say anything about people having their houses or cars vandalized. Just the sign — and that it was the only complaint relating to signs registered at all.  

          Not that it excuses the act at all, but there definitely is a large difference in degree.

  9. “complete victory”

  10. Riiiiight!!! Sure; I believe you…

    [he says, backing away slowly from the crazy woman…]

  11. The “talking points”.

  12. How does having to fire Patrick Muttart as an advisor from the Conservative campaign fit in with running a “clean and ethical” campaign? It was discovered he was peddling a phony story to Sun Media about MIchael Ignatieff’s involvement with the U.S. War on Iraq. 

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