The cynical era


Susan Delacourt wonders if the politicians are losing hope.

Rae says in the video that the gloom may be dispelled by an election. But there is a nagging worry among politicos in Ottawa that it will take more than an election to get MPs interested in politics again on the Hill, that what Parliament is missing right now is a larger, more-difficult-to-regain sense of purpose.


The cynical era

  1. Sense of purpose? Right now it seems like the only purpose MPs serve in Ottawa is to occupy a seat in the HofC and vote the way their leaders tell them to vote, and hoot and holler at the right moments. Therein lies the problem: top-down politics.

  2. The HOC has long since forgotten about any 'purpose'.

  3. One party making terrible choices too survive, the other desperate, dying to lead, the one that it was supposed to be the conscious is morally corrupt, it's messy and dirty, I wouldn't want to go to work there either!

  4. Politicians most frequently have a sense of communal purpose is during times of intense crisis, conflict, or tragedy.

    I'm fine with a bit of parliamentary boredom, thank you very much.

  5. Neutered by the rules of their respective parties and by electoral realities, behaviours of backbench MPs are symptoms, not causes.

  6. We have an ongoing crisis, our Parliament is simply ignoring it.

  7. Economists may disagree
    but it sounds like a depression to me

  8. "Over many decades, social science has groped toward the goal of applying the experimental method to evaluate its theories for social improvement. Recent developments have made this much more practical, and the experimental revolution is finally reaching social science. The most fundamental lesson that emerges from such experimentation to date is that our scientific ignorance of the human condition remains profound. Despite confidently asserted empirical analysis, persuasive rhetoric, and claims to expertise, very few social-program interventions can be shown in controlled experiments to create real improvement in outcomes of interest." Jim Manzi, What Social Science Does—and Doesn't—Know, City-Journal, Summer 2010

    Pols and people alike see socialist agenda of Pearson/Trudeau doesn't work. Government is not capable of building a utopia, no matter how much money we spend or how many programs we create.

    MPs are bored because they can't make Canadians behave how they want us to – forty years after Government decided to try and perfect us, we have white kids talking about schools being too asian, and black kids being accused of acting white. People are imperfect, and intractable, and their problems/neurosis are not easily tamed.

    The next sense of purpose, hopefully, will be to dismantle the Trudeau State and remove the barnacles that are holding Canada/Canadians back from greatness.

  9. Barnacles, eh? You sound like one of those damned Liberal pirates I've been warned about.Your anti-Trudeau sentiments aren't fooling anybody.

  10. Sounds kind of like a promo for Lord of the Rings. Which one of the leaders is Smeagol?

  11. If only there was something that could get our MPs interested in politics again and striving for a larger sense of purpose. Maybe a dubiously popular overseas war, or a big deficit to deal with or something.

  12. Which crisis is that? I'm with noob – politics being boring in this country and the piddly debates we are always having are a symptom of everything being pretty good.

  13. Hahaha…. it does or a soap opera!!

  14. Heaven forbid that the country might be operating smoothly and the MPs might get bored!