The duly elected teapot -

The duly elected teapot


Tabatha Southey considers the case of David Wilks.

Onscreen, Mr. Wilks’s listeners seem to be searching about for a way to help him visualize this number, as in: “If you were to line up 13 Conservative MPs end to end, their spines would reach – oh, wait a second, I see your problem.” … Canadians, he essentially explained, elect an object akin to a decorative teapot to represent them in Ottawa and, once there, that teapot lives in mortal fear of being broken by the Prime Minister. Backbencher MPs can achieve nothing and it would be silly to attempt to do so.


The duly elected teapot

  1. Nice analogy Young Canadians probably soon realise that there is no need to vote which works best for the ruling government who feed the fears of the Baby Boomers for donations and votes

    • The kettled calling the pol back?

      • Referring to Wherry, isn’t that the pol hack?

  2. I watched the videos and read the atricles … it was quite pathetic – but at least the truth of this ReformaCON government is slowly coming to light

  3. Wilks isn’t doing anything different than any other MP in Ottawa.

    They ‘go along to get along’.

    He just got caught at it…on film.

  4. A teapot’s learning curve: steep.

  5. Former Speaker John Fraser found away to cope stay perpetually pickled.

    I know from personal interaction with the former speaker..he would walk into the Vancouver Club and a few hours later they would carry him out..rinse..repeat..very nice man though.