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‘Stability and growth’


The Windsor Star endorses a Conservative majority.

As you prepare to cast your ballots, consider what the Conservatives have provided in terms of economic stability and growth. Assess how having Tory MPs in Ottawa can strengthen our region even more. We believe the choice is clear. A majority Conservative government works for Windsor and Essex County.


‘Stability and growth’

  1. Hmmmm Satire from the Windsor Star.

  2. Just another case of the leftist media in action again…

    ..oh wait..

    • It seems hard to find a Conservative endorsement that isn't thin, vague, and de facto. There isn't much on record they can go by.

  3. You'll save if you buy your tinfoil in bulk, then you can share it with your friend.

  4. The Reagan impersonation is tired….find something new.

  5. "Assess how having Tory MPs in Ottawa can strengthen our region…"

    How sophisticated

  6. "We at the Windsor Star decry the derth of pork in our region. If only you local voters would get with the program like those fine folks up in Muskoka country, we too could have shiny new gazebos!"

  7. "consider what the Conservatives have provided in terms of economic stability and growth"

    Can anyone provide me with evidence or analysis that shows that our economic growth or stability has been a result of government actions?

    • How could it not be? Stephen Harper works late into the night with only his Beatles mug as company (that, plus a film crew).

  8. More than three-quarters (78.64%) of the S&P/TSX Composite Index (Canada's listed and traded companies) is made up of companies dealing in raw materials, energy and financials.

    There is only ONE information technology company in the TSX 60: Research in Motion.

    We don't create stuff.
    We don't make things others want to buy.
    We sell our raw resources to others.
    Our dollar rises and makes us ever more expensive to do business with.

    • It's all Harper's fault, especially the stuff that happened in 2001.
      Libral governments are not reponsible for any of it, right?

      • We've been on this slide for a while. It hasn't been arrested at all by Harper's approach to trade and taxation. It's gotten worse.

        However, the Windsor Star cited economic "stability and growth" as reasons to endorse Harper. I'm simply pointing out that decline is more easily supported by pesky little things like evidence.

  9. There's that 'Harper hating, left wing' media at it again…

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  11. They cant help it.LOL