The F-35: Cheap by comparison to a national health care system


Dean Del Mastro attempts to put the F-35 in perspective.

If we were to assume that health care costs were contained to a 3% annual increase for the next 42 years, Canadians will spend roughly 10.88 trillion to provide care over that period of time. If we assume that John Ivison from the National Post is correct on his costing estimate on the F35 then the cost over the same time period would be .o46 trillion. That means that for every dollar spent on aerial defence and security that Canadians will spend $237 on health care, which demonstrates how perspective on these things matter.


The F-35: Cheap by comparison to a national health care system

  1. Yes, Dean, but we are actually protected by our national healthcare system…I have my doubts about these much-delayed F-35s. And you can bet that expensive equipment bought by various health care providers (pubic or private) go through a full and proper procurement process before being purchased.

    “If Ivison’s numbers are correct.”! Lol. As if Ivison’s scribblings ever come from anywhere outside the PMO.

    Speaking of comparing apples to orangutans, what do we pay yearly for our full military system versus our full healthcare system? Is there somewhere where the budget is broken down by line item, because all I can find via the Googles is political fluff, not hard numbers.

  2. Oh, I see. I guess that makes the lying , mismanagement and general incompetence alright, then…

    Keep up the good work, Del Mastro.

  3. I only spent $30 on this sandwich. That’s cheap compared to my house.

  4. Wanna buy a car ? …. Have I got a deal for you !!

    Hey, Bennie .. pull that lemon up, will ya …

  5. Dumbest. Comparison. Ever.

    They know the cost of everything, and the value of nothing.

  6. Lease F-18E block II+ (with Type IV computer, incremental avionics upgrade path and plumbed for future CFT kit) as 10-12 year interim solution to replace old and ready to retire CF-18s ASAP, without requiring very costly additional SLEP and Upgrades. After the Lease-term, simply decide if it’s prudent and viable to simply extend the Lease (or buy) and continue operating said block upgrade path F-18E++ jets, or return them and recapitalize then with the most cost-effective future mix of solutions available on the market.

  7. Furthermore, the portion of the bogus donations made to his campaign paid by taxpayers is like 0.(lots of zeros)01% of the cost of transfer payments to provinces.

    • Do you have some sort of proof or evidence you’re not sharing with Elections Canada?

        • *crickets* from Rick! Congrats.

        • I’m sure they have seen it, and like me, realize that there’s no proof or evidence there at all, it’s not even credible hearsay.

          Some mysterious figure comes forward with knowledge of a previously unknown crime and will only divulge information about the unknown crime if they’re given blanket immunity.

          Why do you think there haven’t been any charges filed? Why do you think you haven’t heard anything about it for months?

          • “no….evidence there at all”


            Nothing really “mysterious” here, notRick. Employees donated to Del Mastro and were kicked back the amount + bonus from Del Mastro’s cousin, and more than half of it from taxpayers. There’s a sworn affidavit to that effect. There’s cheques for the nice, neat sum of $1050 given to employees two days before they “mysteriously” felt the simultaneous urge to each donate the nice, neat sum of $1000 to Del Mastro.

            Why haven’t we heard anything from Elections Canada, who, facing unprecedented fraud allegations that they were already underequipped to handle, then had their budget cut by the folks they’re investigating? Good question.

          • Ooooooooh. A sworn affidavit from a disgruntled ex-employee, who won’t reveal his own identity – hell, his lawyer won’t even reveal his identity. Rather than going through the normal channels, this person decided to make these anonymous accusations through the media.

            Not credible “evidence”.

          • “a disgruntled ex-employee”

            Now we finally have a good example of an assertion made without a shred of evidence.

            I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that a bunch of folks who didn’t live in Del Mastro’s riding, but happened to work for Del Mastro’s relative decided to donate the same amount, at the same time, which just happened to coincide with the same folks recieving cheques for the same amount from that relative. Then coincidentally two of these employees come forward with this story which fits precisely with the donations and payments. And then Del Mastro’s relative is coincidentally unable to explain the payments.
            Looks like just a bunch a bad luck for Del Mastro.

            Interested in buying a bridge?

  8. Oh, good- only a billion dollars a year for something that’s absolutely useless. And worse: that would be a death-trap for our good Canadian pilots if politicians were insane enough to actually put them into a fight against an opponent equipped with Su-35’s.

    The Australian experts said of the F-35: can’t hide, can’t turn, can’t run. In war games, “it was like clubbing baby seals.”

    So by all means let’s just throw all that money away.

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