The Final Days: Fredericton


“The nature of Canada will be decided tomorrow,” said Andy Scott, the retiring Liberal incumbent, introducing his would-be successor, who in turn introduced Stephane Dion.

Mr. Dion arrived in grey suit and striped shirt, no tie, waving that floppy, full-arm wave of his. What followed, in a slightly modified stump speech and a scrum afterwards, essentially came down to this: “If we pull our votes together, we will win this election.”

Also, some math, which Mr. Dion has been repeating for days.

1. Al Gore-Ralph Nader=George W. Bush

2. Elizabeth May=Ralph Nader

3. Stephen Harper=George W. Bush

4. Jack Layton=Stephen Harper

Therefore, if you want a Liberal government, vote for Al Gore. Or something.

Now, breakfast. Next, Quebec.


The Final Days: Fredericton

  1. Please don’t pollute the interwebs with blog posts like this!

    If you have nothing to say, don’t say anything.


  2. Where was this held in Fredericton?

  3. Aaron, your reporting on Liberal campaign events clearly reveals that you are ‘in the tank’ for the Liberals. Never mind that much of the coverage is mostly tongue-in-cheek or outright critical.

  4. Kris – it was at the Liberal campaign HQ on King St. I counted about 200-250 Liberals there, plus 50 or so tour personnel/media.

  5. As an interesting coincidence the G&M is reporting that the great Ralph Nader is urging support for the Green/Liberal environment programs.

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