The Final Days: Norwood


(From now through the end of the campaign next week, I’ll be with the Liberal tour. Regular reports should appear here irregularly.)

Several things Stephane Dion did at the Norwood Fair—”where the champions of East and West meet”—this afternoon.

1. Wore a golf shirt and jeans.

2. Strolled the midway.

3. Purchased a deep-fried Mars bar for a young boy.

4. Posed for pictures with a family of rabbits.

5. Met the local beauty queen.

He did not, unfortunately, stay to see how the Extreme Lawn Tractor racing turned out.


The Final Days: Norwood

  1. ABCDEF – Anybody But Conservatives, preferably Election of Dion First.

  2. Local beauty queen, eh ? Did he blush ?

  3. sarah palin was there?

  4. I enjoyed a chance meeting with Stephane Dion on his way to the Norwood Fair today. I shook his hand and wished him luck. He was warm and friendly. My husband had his picture taken with Mr Dion, and chatted with his people. Compare this to a chance meeting we had with Stephen Harper as we were entering a hotel in Windsor and he was leaving, during the last campaign. Mr Harper’s men put their hands up to block us and prevent us from getting too close. It was apalling. We vote for Stephane Dion. No questionne.

  5. Mr. Dion seemed nice enough, although I saw him from afar. I was too busy protecting my children (2 months and 2 years) from being run over by his entourage as he “strolled the midway”. He wont be getting my vote.

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