The first test of the new Parliament -

The first test of the new Parliament


After announcing yesterday that Parliament will resume business on June 2, John Baird was asked about the state of the Afghan detainee document review. He responded as follows.

There’s a good number that, I understand, should be able to be tabled in short order. That should proceed. Obviously the agreement that we had in place was with the Bloc Quebecois and the Liberal party. Obviously the two Bloc members were defeated and there’s only one of the Liberals so that’ll be something that, as government House leader, working with the Minister of Justice, we’ll have to discuss.

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The first test of the new Parliament

  1. “It is only totalitarian governments that suppress facts. In this country we simply take a democratic decision not to publish them.” Sir Humprey, Yes Minister

    • And now that Harper has a majority, he has a mandate to suppress them, right? 

  2. This is really, really complicated. I can see this taking a very, very long time to be sorted out

    I would be happy to proven wrong. 

  3. That’s pretty twisted logic, there Baird. The two parties that agreed to the document suppression by committee approach were much reduced in the election and the one that wanted immediate disclosure came out on top. Nothing to get confused about, just obey the speaker’s ruling.

  4. I hope WikiLeaks can provide access to more of our governments information.

  5.  A leak is the only way these documents will ever see the light of day.