‘The Government wishes to provide members with the information that is necessary for them to perform their duty of holding the Government to account’


The press gallery has provided an electronic copy of the documents tabled today. I’ve only flipped through the first half dozen, but so far the most interesting file—aside from the document that’s entirely in Farsi—might be this one.


‘The Government wishes to provide members with the information that is necessary for them to perform their duty of holding the Government to account’

  1. Thankfully there are electronic copies but I imagine more than a few forests of paper have been wasted due to this Conservative farce. A waste of paper, our elected MPs time and a huge waste of taxpayer's money. A fiscally responsible government? What a joke.

  2. My source tells me that the .pdf Wherry links to here is actually a series of photos of Rob Nicholson flipping Canadians the bird.

    Which has to be redacted, you know, for reasons of national security.

  3. Please tell me that it is an April fools joke.

  4. Phone call for Mr. Kafka, please use the white courtesy phone.
    Phone call for Mr. Kafka, please use the white courtesy phone.

  5. At last, a first draft of Stephen Harper's hockey book!

  6. A perfect example of Conservative transparency.

  7. Fascinating read. Couldn't put it down!

    I eagerly anticipate the next volume the author publishes; perhaps a sequel will answer the staggering cliff-hanger.

  8. My personal favourite was page #9. The much more concise points raised just nailed it.

  9. A minority gov`t by it nature must make an effort to give in to the demands of the opposition even if those demands are foolish.

    There are probably several hundred requests by the opp. for the gov`t to release documents related to Afghanistan that will not be a risk to security. We are all aware of the opposition`s obsession with these documents. Now they have them. And still they complain.

  10. They either really do think this is a joke, or they are so desperate NOT to reveal what happened that nothing else matters.

    I suspect the former is a talking point, the latter is the reality.

  11. got all excited when I saw the header. that was mean, Aaron.

  12. this Afghan Detainee document sheds light…, in favour of darkness!

  13. Ooh! This is one of those children's version of the scratch card things, where they draw or write something in marker and then colour over it with black wax crayon!

    Scratch the paper with a quarter, Aaron! See what appears.

    Or, maybe it's a black-light document. You know, like the ones they used in Alias.

  14. Or maybe if you flip through all 6,200 documents really fast, there is an animation of a detainee stick figure being tortured in the bottom right corner.

  15. Meh. I'm waiting for the Reader's Digest Condensed Book.

  16. I've seen the advance proofs and frankly, I think the editor has missed the point of the work.

    Sure, the line "██████████████████████████████████" has the same meaning as the original's "██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████", but without that ███████████████ it just has no soul.

  17. The government may be behaving unconscionably with regards the documents, but they will still win on the power struggle. It is clear that the will of parliament cannot exceed the national security needs of the executive. We all assume that there is no national security reason for withholding the bulk of documents, and that is probably correct. But it doesn't matter: it cannot be an uninformed parliament which makes that call (as a group that hasn't seen something can't know what it is they haven't seen). So the government my be wrong morally, but they will be found right legally. Imagine if they were fighting over war plans and a minority parliament voted to see them. Would their "supremacy" allow that? If not, then that supremacy cannot be absolute but must be tempered. Which means the best they can hope for is an arbitrator, which they have (although obviously not in the form they got).
    In the UMPTEENTH such episode, the Conservatives will look terrible to those following the issue closely but will look reasonable to any casual headline reader.

    • Can you cite somoething which would support this tripe?

    • You do realize your authorizing the executive to do absolutely anything they like.. such as "disappear" your mother/father on the grounds of national security and leaving no way to address it?

      You're cool with giving the PMO those kinds of powers?

      Does the S in "Big Dave S" stand for "Saddam"?

  18. "Scratch the paper with a quarter, Aaron! See what appears."

    "If you flip through all 6,200 pages really fast, there is an animation of a stick figure being tortured in the bottom right corner."

    Hahahahahaha. Thanks, I needed a good laugh this afternoon.

    Either laugh or cry when government/bureaucracy do things like this.

  19. Hey CBC…..how about that Yes,Minister remake now….would seem timely or just rerun the originals

  20. Reruns of Yes, Minister are always timely, as far as I am concerned.

    "If people don't know what you're doing, they don't know what you're doing wrong."

  21. Odd. Bureaucrats apparently write to each other in Bairdspeak…

  22. So that's how carbon sequestration works.

  23. I don't think they're even trying anymore.

  24. Page 7 was the most interesting, but page 12 was also pretty good. The whole redacted document should probably be framed and exhibited in the National Gallery of Canada.

  25. Funny that Hillary Clinton didn't give her two cents on the detainee documents issue, eh.

  26. There is no such thing as national security trumping Parliamentary privilege. Parliament can demand all the documents be released, regardless of the contents, so long as it does not violate the constitution. And there's nothing in the constitution about national security secrecy.

  27. To take up the Nicholson bird theme and push it further – could it be a series of photos of Rick Hillier kicking one of those scumbags in the family jewels?

    • HGahaha. I'm gonna have sweet dreams tonight. Thanks!

  28. Dood, that’s Pashto, not Farsi.

  29. To add to the waste, someone was paid to sit there and black over these documents before their release, which is clearly a huge waste of time. And did any one else notice that each page has 3 black boxes? Was the first giant black box in sufficient that it had to be redacted two more times?

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