The Harper factor


Marc-Andre Morin, a supporter of Thomas Mulcair, explains what the NDP should be looking for in a leader.

“If we don’t have someone who is combative, Harper will just eat him up,” Mr. Morin said.


The Harper factor

  1. Combative is not the only asset they need to have, good political instinct it’s a must!

  2. Combativeness, alone, isn’t good enough in an opposition leader. Ignatieff and Dion were plenty combative – but their respective personalities made it come off more like rote posturing or indecisive whining. They’ll still need someone with charisma and believability like Jack’s.

    • Agreed. And the leader must also be able to articulate clearly their party’s vision for Canada and how it differs from / is better than their opponents’. This applies equally to both the NDP and the Liberals as they seek new (separate, please!) leadership.

  3. It’s not a bad observation, but I’m not sure the necessary attribute is best described as ‘combativeness’.

    Particularly when you’re trying to describe ‘your guy’.

  4. I don’t know much about him yet, but I’d love to see Harper and his gang going after Roméo Saganash for not being a ‘real’ Canadian.

    • Can you have a “too real Canadian” attack ad?  I admit, I would like to see it.  Once.

      • Seeing as the Conservatives also have MPs of FN background that would have to be the most amazing dogqwhistle ever constructed. I don’t think even Harper would risk it, to be honest.

    • It could be very tricky formulating an attack ad against a First Nations party leader without straying into dangerous territory. I could get behind watching that unfold.

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