The incumbent endorsements -

The incumbent endorsements


In addition to a tally of overall caucus endorsements, I thought it might be worth breaking down where the incumbent NDP MPs have placed their support.

The NDP went into the last election with 36 MPs. One didn’t stand for reelection (Bill Siksay), two were subsequently defeated (Jim Maloway and Tony Martin) and Jack Layton passed away last August. The remaining 32 MPs who served in the last Parliament, only nine remain uncommitted, some of them having chosen to remain neutral.

The rest are either seeking the leadership or have endorsed a candidate and they line up as follows.

Thomas Mulcair (5) David Christopherson, Don Davies, Wayne Marston, John Rafferty, Glenn Thibeault

Paul Dewar (5)* Charlie Angus, Dennis Bevington, Linda Duncan, Claude Gravelle, Irene Mathyssen

Brian Topp (4)** Chris Charlton, Jean Crowder, Libby Davies, Yvon Godin

Nathan Cullen (3) Alex Atamanenko, Fin Donnelly, Brian Masse

Peggy Nash (1) Denise Savoie

Niki Ashton (1) Carol Hughes

* Mr. Dewar has the support of Tony Martin, who was an NDP MP in the last Parliament.

** Mr. Topp has the support of three former MPs who sat with the NDP caucus in the last Parliament: Dawn Black, Mr. Siksay and Judy Wasylycia-Leis


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