The last hour of debate on C-279 -

The last hour of debate on C-279

The transgendered rights bill nears a final vote


C-279, the transgendered rights bill, received its final hour of debate last night at report stage. Included therein were the objections of David Anderson, the resounding support of Sean Casey and Megan Leslie and a fascinating speech from an emotional Michelle Rempel. Ms. Rempel was one of the 15 Conservatives who supported the bill at second reading.

The votes on the proposed amendments and the bill will take place March 20.


The last hour of debate on C-279

  1. If the proposed legislation has become “known as the bathroom bill” as Mr.Anderson indicated, then he, and other opponents of the bill, should apologize for creating that false impression and help get the focus back on protecting Canadians from discrimination.

  2. I have re-read this Bill several times. The language in it is just goofy. Even with the amendment it makes no sense. In my view this needs to go back to the drawing board for improved language.

    • Been through 3 readings.

      • I support the principle of the Bill….but I think the current language as it stands, is a mess.

        • Why is it a mess? It’s quite clear what it’s doing.

          what exactly do you find messy?

    • Is it “gender expression” or “gender identity” that you find goofy? Or both?